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Honda NeuV mini electric concept with emotional intelligence at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda NeuV mini electric concept showcased at Tokyo Motor Show can be seen with an emotion engine developed by CocoroSB, Japanese artificial intelligence company. Called HANA – Honda Automated Network Assistant, this engine picks up driver driving styles by detecting the driver’s emotions in terms of judgment and performance and then signal to the driver various choices and recommendations.

HANA can also gauge driver emotions and make music recommendations based on mood or suggest other media and infotainment options. The car has unique headlights and has a floating glow to it. It’s a luminous design that tries to address last mile connectivity. The door is pretty much the side panel and opens up entirely.

Honda NeuV mini electric concept has the ability to answer the issue of idle vehicles. NeuV is designed to operate as a part of an autonomous ride sharing fleet, allowing owners to generate revenue from their vehicles when not in use.

Honda NeuV can also save costs by managing electric power consumption from the grid through intelligent monitoring electric rates and charging when lower and also sell back additional power which is stored back to the grid when prices are at their peak.

Honda NeuV mini electric concept exteriors see doors that extend around 20mm beyond the frame of the car and open upwards to a 90 degree angle. This allows for easy opening of doors even in constricting spaces, easy ingress and egress and efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

In the future, a concept such as this can help owners make money through. The interactive vehicle needn’t be parked while owners are at work and can be a source of income through vehicle sharing. The concept while not ready for launch will help the company get much needed feedback through its interactions.

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