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Honda is working on AC for motorcycles, files patent

Honda AC for motorcycles patent sketch

The effectiveness this simple and cost effective system in real world conditions remains to be seen.

A recent patent filing from Honda indicates that the Japanese auto giant is currently working on a simple yet innovative AC for motorcycles. Air conditioning has always been the primary advantage of a car over a motorcycle but if Honda can make it effective, the portable AC system could negate that advantage.

The patent sketch shows a portable luggage which doubles up as a tank bag. Apart from offering storage place like any other tank bag, this particular piece of luggage also packs a compact blower and a rechargeable battery.

Honda Blind Sport Detection System on bikes patent skech

Honda has also filed a patent for Blindspot Detection System for motorcycles.

The air is sucked into the system via meshed vents on the side and blown towards the rider’s torso or the chin of the helmet. There is also a provision to insert an ice pack so that the temperature of the blown air is cooler. The system is essentially a miniature version of the domestic air coolers.

Honda appears to be in the early stages of developing AC for motorcycles. While the system appears to be simple and affordable, its effectiveness in rear world scenario remains to be seen.

Honda CBR650F Matte Grey and Red at 2016 Bangkok Motor Show

The portable AC system is located inside a tank bag.

Honda has been working continuously to bring new technologies onboard motorcycles. In the recent times, the company had filed patents for a Blind Spot Detection System for motorcycles and for a motorcycle hybrid system.

Honda CBR650F – Photos

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