Honda announces world’s first Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

The system will be able to foresee and automatically react with other vehicles on the road via a camera and radar system. With the help of an algorithm, the system can estimate when vehicles in neighbouring lanes could be cutting in, thus allowing the equipped vehicle to take timely and safe responses.

Honda Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control 
New Honda CR-V will feature a 1.6 litre i-DTEC diesel as well

Honda’s i-ACC system is able to determine the cut in situation up to five seconds prior to its occurrence, thus notifying the driver and automatically apply the brakes. Unlike other conventional adaptive cruise control systems which apply brakes abruptly, i-ACC is smooth and restrained and yet precise.

The new i-ACC takes into account side of the road driver in on, whether it is in UK or any other continent and automatically detects the neighboring vehicle. i-ACC has been designed specifically for European roads and is developed by the company’s in-house Research & Development team in Europe and Japan, while driver behavior was studied from across Europe to develop the algorithm.

Honda’s i-ACC will be seen on 2015 CR-V Executive grade (Euro-spec), which made its debut late last year. The car is slated to go on sale spring this year. New Honda CR-V also receives Honda Connect infotainment system and a 7” touchscreen display with Bluetooth connectivity, MirrorLink technology, rear view camera and a total of 9 pre- installed apps.