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Honda Price Hike Jan 2021 – Activa, CB350, CB Shine, Hornet, Dio (Old vs New Prices)

Honda CB350 price hike
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2021 brought with it a revised price list for MY21 Honda two-wheelers

Honda scooter sales has long overshadowed its motorcycle sales. As a matter of fact, Activa scooter has shaped the brand, and is a flagship model the manufacturer is renowned for. It’s no surprise, Activa variant range is most detailed.

Price revision for MY21 product range has come into effect. Dio STD is pricier by 259 bucks at Rs 62,229. Dio DLX costs Rs 65,627, up 307 bucks from Rs 65,320. Repsol Dio variant bears the same increase as DLX at Rs 68,127, up from Rs 67,820.

Honda Grazia duo are HMSI’s costliest scooters. Grazia 125 drum now costs Rs 74,815 following a price revision of 903 bucks from Rs 73,912. The disc variant costs Rs 82,140. Now, costlier by Rs 1,162 from Rs 80,978 last week. Since then, a lot has changed.

Honda Activa, Scooters Price List Jan 2021

Entry vehicle, Activa 6G STD is costlier by 1,380 bucks. The entry level price point for Activa is now revised to Rs 66,799, up from Rs 65,419. 6G DLX price hike is Rs 1,625. MY21 price is listed at Rs 68,544, up from Rs 66,919.

Honda Scooter Prices Jan 2021
Honda Scooter Prices Jan 2021

But of course, the recently launched 20 year anniversary editions too are part of the process. Although only just introduced at Rs 68,299, 20th AE STD variant now costs Rs 68,299. It was launched at a price of Rs 67,392 in the last week of November 2020. Price is revised by 907 bucks. The 20th AE DLX variant is costlier by a little over 1.1k. MY21 price is revised to just over 70 grands, at Rs 70,044, up from Rs 68,892.

In addition, there are the drum, alloy, and disc variants. Activa 125 drum now costs Rs 70,629. Price revision stands at Rs 1,632, up from Rs 68,997. MY21 125 alloy variant costs Rs 74,198. Price has been increased by Rs 1,701 from Rs 72,497. The costliest of the lot is the 125 disc variant at just under 78k.

Its highest base price means its price increase is steepest at Rs 1,755. New price reflected is Rs 77,752, up from Rs 75,997. Not surprisingly, there’s an Activa for everyone considering the variant range makes for a long price list. Between the entry level scooter, and the range topper, there’s a noticeable price difference. As much as 11 grands.

Honda Motorcycle Prices Jan 2021
Honda Motorcycle Prices Jan 2021

Honda Motorcycles Jan 2021 Price List

In general, such price hikes spare a few products. In this case, entry level Dream range and Livo variants are pretty much available at the same price point having warranted a hike of only 3 bucks. CD110 Dream STD now costs Rs 64,508, and DLX variant costs Rs 65,508. Livo drum variant costs Rs 70,059, and the disc variant is priced at Rs 74,259. But that’s where the price revision restraint ended.

Also, CB Shine and SP125 witnessed a similar price hike for its drum and disc variants. CB Shine drum variant now costs Rs 70,478. Price is hiked by Rs 1,666, up from Rs Rs 68,812. The disc variant is costlier by Rs 1,762. New price is Rs 75,274, revised from Rs 73,512. SP125 Drum variant is costlier by Rs 1,667 at Rs 76,074, up from a listed price of Rs 74,407 last week. The disc variant retails for more than 80k following a price revision of Rs 1,762. New updated price is Rs 80,369, up from Rs 78,607.

Honda ScootersJan-21Old PriceDiff
Dio STD62,22961,970259
Dio DLX65,62765,320307
Dio Repsol68,12767,820307
Activa 6G STD66,79965,4191,380
Activa 6G DLX68,54466,9191,625
Activa 6G 20th AE STD68,29967,392907
Activa 6G 20th AE DLX70,04468,8921,152
Activa 125 Drum70,62968,9971,632
Activa 125 Alloy74,19872,4971,701
Activa 125 Disc77,75275,9971,755
Grazia 125 Drum74,81573,912903
Grazia 125 Disc82,14080,9781,162
Ex-DelhiIn Rs
Honda MotorcyclesJan-21Old PriceDiff
CD110 Dream STD64,50864,5053
CD110 Dream DLX65,50865,5053
Livo Drum70,05970,0563
Livo Disc74,25974,2563
CB Shine Drum70,47868,8121,666
CB Shine Disc75,27473,5121,762
SP125 Drum76,07474,4071,667
SP 125 Disc80,36978,6071,762
X-Blade Disc1,07,8511,06,6871,164
X-Blade Rear Disc1,12,2411,10,9681,273
Hornet Repsol1301951280002,195
CB 350 DLX1865001850001,500
CB 350 DLX PRO1925001900002,500

Honda Unicorn is costlier by 586 bucks at Rs 95,738, up from Rs 95,152. Then there are the motorcycles that retail for over a lakh. X-Blade disc variant is pricier by Rs 1,164. It now costs Rs 1.07,851, up from Rs 1,06,687. The rear disc variant is listed at Rs 1,12,241 following a revision of Rs 1,273 from Rs 1,10,968. Both, Hornet, and Hornet Repsol is costlier by 2,195 bucks at Rs 1,28,195, and Rs 1,30,195, respectively. Bigger displacement Honda motorcycles sold through Bigwing stores aren’t listed here.

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