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Honda Sales, Exports Break Up Dec 2020 – Activa, Dio, CB Shine, Unicorn, Hornet

2021 Honda Activa 6G
2021 Honda Activa 6G

Honda reports growth in domestic dispatches and decline in Exports for December 2020

Domestic wholesales for Honda two wheelers through December 2020 was in the green. As is customary, Honda Activa sales soared at top spot accounting for 55 percent of total company wholesales.

The scooter has immense brand recall having been around for over two decades, and is a worthy competitor in the top tier of two wheelers by sales volume. Volumes grew by 1.65 percent up at 1,34,077 units from 1,31,899 units at volume gain of 2,178 units.

CB Shine, the manufacturer’s bestselling motorcycle saw growth of 9.67 percent, and accounted for 23.14 percent of total wholesales. Volume grew to 56k units, up from about 51k at volume gain of just under 5k units. Dio scooter sales amounted to just over 22k units. Growth is reported at 7.36 percent, up from 20,516 units at volume gain of just over 1,500 units accounting for 9.10 percent of Honda’s domestic market.

Smaller volume Honda two-wheelers

Unicorn 160 units were reported at just under 12k units, accounting for under 5 percent share. Honda Dream wholesales were adjust under 5k units. Decline is reported at 35.63 percent, down from 7,755 units. Volumes fell by 2,763 units. Livo wholesales fell by 39.15 percent at volume loss of just over 2.8k units. Sales fell to 4,387 units, down from 7,2019 units.

Honda India Sales Dec 2020
Honda India Sales Dec 2020

Honda Grazia volumes grew 7.52 percent, up at 3,347 units from 3,113 units. Hornet 2.0 wholesales is reported at 2,457 units. Honda CB 350 numbers are reported at 1,564 units. X-Blade decline is reported at 20.15 percent at volume loss of 302 units. Wholesales dropped to 1,197 units from 1,499 units. Total domestic wholesales was reported at 2,41,046 units at 5.15 percent growth from 2,30,186 units. Volume gain stood at 11,860 units.

Honda exports for December 2020

In comparison to Honda’s domestic sales volume, exports are relatively smaller. Last month exports totalled 20,980 units at 16.37 percent decline. Volumes fell from 25,086 units at volume loss of 4,106 units.

Navi took the lead at the top of the table at 6,187 units. accounting for 29.49 percent of company exports. Volumes grew by 4,227 units from 1,960 units. Dio exports fell by over 7k units at 66.53 percent decline. Number fell to 3,532 units from 10,554 units. CB Shine growth is reported at 47.55 percent at 12.22 percent of total exports. Volumes grew to 2,563 units from 1,737 units.

Honda India Exports Dec 2020
Honda India Exports Dec 2020

X-Blade exports fell by 22.55 percent down at 1,896 units from 2,448 units. Livo growth is reported at 6.25 percent. Numbers grew to 1.7k from 1.6k units. Hornet 160R exports fell by almost a third down at 1,368 units from 2,035 units.

Dream exports fell by a little over a third at 996 units. Activa numbers are reported at 780 units. Grazia numbers fell by a third, down to 520 units from 784 units. Honda CB 350 exports stood at 510 units, and Aviator at 440. Unicorn 160 fared better then the 150cc variant at 408 units. Volumes almost halved, down from 768 units. Unicorn 150 exports fell with a thud at 80 units, down from 640 units.

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