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Honda Sales, Exports Breakup Sep 2021 – Activa, Dio, CB Shine, CB200X, CB350

Honda Activa Sales Breakup Sep 2021
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Honda Unicorn 150 recorded the highest YoY growth of 1700 percent in exports – While Unicorn 160 registered highest decline in domestic sales

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) is the second-largest two-wheeler brand in India. However, like most other automakers in recent months, Honda has been facing a production slowdown thanks to a shortage in supply of semiconductor chips.

The Japanese bikemaker was able to dispatch a total of 4,63,683 two-wheelers in September this year as opposed to 5,00,888 units sold during the same period last year. This led to a YoY decline of 7.43 percent. The sales chart was topped by Activa as usual with a total sales volume of 2,45,352 registered last month.

Honda Sales Breakup Sep 2021 – Activa & Shine leading the way

However, a YoY decline of almost 5 percent was recorded since the company sold 2,57,900 units of Activa during the same month last year. Activa was followed by CB Shine with a total registered volume of 1,42,386 units last month instead of 1,18,004 units sold in September last year. This led to a 20.66 percent YoY growth.

Honda sold 34,557 units of Dio which recorded a YoY growth of 2.73 percent. Dream occupied the fourth spot with 15,210 units sold in September this year. During the same period last year, Honda sold 19,667 units of the 110cc motorcycle which has translated to a YoY decline of 22.66 percent.

Honda Domestic Sales Sep 2021
Honda Domestic Sales Sep 2021

The OEM sold 11,213 units of Livo which was 5,681 units less than September 2020. This resulted in a 33.63 percent. A total of 11,213 units of Grazia were dispatched across the country which led to YoY growth of 8 percent.

Honda launched CB350 retro motorcycle last year which has witnessed decent success. The bike recorded a sales volume of 2,995 last month. It was trailed by Unicorn 160 with 1,390 units which recorded massive YoY degrowth of 95.55 percent. Unicorn was closely followed by the brand’s latest addition CB200X with a registered volume of 1,387 units. Hornet 2.0, on which CB200X is based upon, raked in a volume of a mere 75 units.

Honda Exports Sep 2021 – Dio, Navi, X-Blade Popular Overseas

As far as exports are concerned, a total of 18,225 two-wheelers were shipped to overseas markets by Honda in September this year. During the same month last year, the company dispatched 25,978 units which resulted in a YoY decline of almost 30 percent. Dio was the highest dispatched two-wheeler with a total volume of 4,874 units shipped overseas.

Honda Exports Sep 2021
Honda Exports Sep 2021

Last year, this figure stood at 3,807 units which led to YoY growth of 28 percent. Honda exported 3,450 units of the monkey bike Navi as opposed to 5,452 which resulted in a 36.72 percent YoY decline. The company exported 2,295 units of X-Blade which translated to YoY growth of 213.52 percent. Grazia recorded a volume of 1,319 units which led to YoY growth of 37.40 percent.

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