Honda unveils self-balancing motorcycle at 2017 CES

The Self-balancing motorcycle concept on display at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas is based on Riding Assist Technology which will enhance stability of the bike even when in stationery position.

Use of gyroscopes is absent from this bike which uses technology from the Honda UNI-CUB personal mobility concept. Honda is also showcasing an electric skateboard to get from parking spot to final destination at Las Vegas CES. Below is a short video highlighting what the motorcycle can do.

In addition to the motorcycle, Honda also unveiled a new concept car called NeuV – New Electric Urban Vehicle. It is a boxy electric two seater commuter vehicle displaying self driving capabilities. It gets a short wheelbase and tall roof and displays an overall futuristic appeal.

The Honda NeuV is an electric automated mini-vehicle concept equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI) “emotion engine” and automated personal assistant, which can create new possibilities for human interaction and new value for customers.

Honda NeuV sports a large translucent canopy and doors with angular shards of shining metal with positioned on flared wheel arches with large black and silver wheels. NueV can also be operated as an automated ride sharing vehicle when not in use by its owner while it can send energy back to the electric grid when not being used. Incorporating Honda Automated Network Assistant means that NueV can detect driver preferences and recommend music accordingly while also allowing for other driving assistances.

Below is a short video of the new Honda car concept.

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