Honda SH 125i and SH 150i Euro IV compliant debut at EICMA

Honda SH 125i and 150i, a part of the well received SH family, has been updated. Both these bikes are now on display at the ongoing EICMA Show. On board changes are evident while engines are now more powerful and Euro IV compliant while also resulting in added fuel efficiency.

Honda SH 125i and 150i come in with new LED lights, revised trunk and windshield while Michelin tyres City Grip and twin channel ASBS are also a part of its new makeup. Underseat storage has also been enhanced to hold a full face helmet which was sorely lacking in its earlier counterpart.


Engines on board the Honda SH 125i and 150i have also seen some revision. The engine of SH 125i now offers added power of 12.2 hp at 8,500 rpm while the SH 150i continues to offer 15 hp. Both engines are fitted with Start/Stop system enabling added fuel efficiency due to which the SH125i now offers 47.4 kmpl and the SGH150i is capable of 43.8 kmpl.

The Honda SH range has been bestsellers in Italy and these added updates are exclusive to the SH125i and SH 150i while other versions such as the SH 300i has been left unaltered. No pricing has also been revealed as on date.