Honda to destroy 1400 cars including City sedan and Brio hatchback which were damaged during recent Thai floods

Japanese car manufacturer, Honda Motors announced earlier yesterday, that they will be destroying all the 1400 cars which were damaged due to Thai floods, giving relief to Honda car buyers around the world. Honda Motors has two plants in Ayutthaya, Thailand and due to recent floods in the region (worst in 70 years history), all the 1,400 Honda cars lying in these plants were submerged in water.

It was speculated earlier that Honda Motors will not be destroying the damaged cars, instead would send them back to the manufacturing unit and repair them by replacing faulty or damaged parts. Honda Motors would then sell these repaired cars as brand new to various buyers across the world.

This obviously created a panic situation among Honda car buyers around the world, as they definitely do not want to buy a car which had suffered any sort of damage, leave alone being entirely submerged in water. Finally when Honda Motors announced that they are going to destroy all the 1,400 cars, there was a sigh of relief among Honda car buyers around the world.

Honda Motors appealed to their fans and car buyers across the world that there was no need to worry as they will begin destroying the damaged cars from Tuesday. The destruction of 1400 Honda cars will be conducted at Honda factory in Rojana Industrial Estate. Parts of the damaged cars which are in good condition will be removed and kept for future use. Honda Motors also added that they will destroy these 1400 cars in an environmentally friendly manner.

A senior Honda official stated, “We would never fix up the damaged cars and then sell them as brand new units or even donate them to an organization to prevent them from entering the market. That would tarnish our long-standing reputation.”

(Images show condition of Honda cars at Ayutthaya plant during Thai floods and after Thai floods.)