Honda to launch diesel powered car in India

This news is surely going to please a lot of Indians. Japanese auto manufacturer has already created an irreplaceable place in the hearts of Indian consumers with the reliable products they have launched in the country over the years. But somehow Honda was unable to fulfill Indian buyer’s desire of a diesel powered car, though people were more than happy with their petrol cars, a diesel car would be just the perfect icing on their flourishing market share.

A senior HSCI said, “The small diesel engine will be ready for European models by 2012. We’re thinking of bringing this to India after that, though with modifications. It is likely to be used in cars below the Accord and CR-V, like the City, Jazz and the new small car.”

Honda plans to launch a smaller version of their 2.0L iDTEC engine in Europe first and then later in India. Currently Honda provides diesel engine in their CD-V and Accord models. Honda is ready for the demand for their cars to rise in the Indian market, which they believe to happen in due course of time.

Honda has two manufacturing units in India, one in Noida and the other in Tapukara. Noida unit has an annual capacity of 1 lakh units of which only 60% is being utilised currently wheras Tapukara unit is ready but not operational.

The same official added, “We had earlier planned to open the Tapukara plant at the end of 2009, so the basic building structure is already there. However, now we’ll only start making cars at Tapukara when the capacity at Greater Noida is exhausted. Right now, we’re using only 60 per cent of our capacity there.”