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Honda Two Wheeler Sales, Exports Oct 2020 – Activa, CB Shine, DIO, Unicorn

Honda Activa 6G
Honda Activa 6G

Honda two wheeler sales stability secures its podium spot in the domestic market

October 2020 domestic sales for HMSI ended at 1.38 percent growth, up at 4,94,459 units from 4,87,713 units at volume gain of 6,746 units. As expected, Honda Activa leads the charge with 2,39,570 units reported at 48.45 percent of total sales.

Sales did decline by 14.83 percent, at volume loss of 41,703 units, down from 2,81,273 units. CB Shine, the manufacturer’s bestselling motorcycle saw an improvement in demand. Sales growth is reported at 35.12 percent to enable the bike to account for 23.98 percent of total sales. Sales grew to 1,18,547 units at volume growth of 30,813 units from 87,734 units.

Honda Two Wheeler Domestic Sales Oct 2020
Honda Two Wheeler Domestic Sales Oct 2020

Honda Dio sales grew at 19.24 percent up at 44,046 units, up at 7,107 units from 36,939 units. Honda Unicorn 160 sales is reported at 28,313 units at 5.73 percent of total sales. Dream sales grew a noticeable 14.53 percent, up at 22,542 units from 19,682 units. Livo sales is in the green at 17,198 units, up at 20.20 percent from 14,308 units. Grazia sales crossed the 10k mark and accounted for 2.32 percent of domestic sales.

At 11,481 units sold, up 36.45 percent from 8,414 units, volume gain stood at 3,067 units. Hornet 2.0 sales is reported at 7,279 units. X-Blade sales grew to 4,193 units, up from 3,062 units, accounting for .85 percent of total sales.

NoHonda DomesticOct-20Oct-19
2CB Shine1,18,54787,734
4Unicorn 16028,3130
8Hornet 2.07,2790
12Unicorn 150027,477
13Hornet 160R04,442

All new Honda CB350, a new segment entrant for the manufacturer saw sales of 1,290 units. Popular names like Aviator, Unicorn 150, Hornet 160R, and CBR250R are not being sold. Despite sales contraction owing to portfolio revision, HMSI did manage to stay in the green.

HMSI October 2020 exports

Honda exports grew marginally at 8.88 percent at volume gain of 2,665 units. Total exports last month was reported at 32,691 units, up from 30,026 units. Honda Navi, no longer sold in India leads the export count at 9,872 units. In fact it accounted for 30.20 percent of the manufacturer’s exports last month. Navi units exported grew 188.32 percent, up from 3,424 units at volume gain of 6,448 units.

Honda Two Wheeler Exports Oct 2020
Honda Two Wheeler Exports Oct 2020

Honda Dio exports declined by 32.85 percent. At second spot on the list, exports are reported at 6,121 units following volume loss of 2,995 units, down from 9,116 units. CB Shine numbers declined too. Exports fell to 3,735 units from 4,740 units at 21.20 percent decline. Hornet 160R exports grew 33.30 percent. Exports grew to 3,539 units, up from 2,655 units, accounting 10.83 percent of HMSI exports.

X-Blade units exported were almost similar at 3,529 units. However, growth was much higher at 105.06 percent from a low base of 1,721 units reported in October 2019. Volume growth stood at 1,808 units. Grazia exports grew to 3,401 units from 2,984 units at 13.97 percent growth. Unicorn 160 exports doubled from 648 units to 1,296 units.

Honda Activa exports in October 2020

Activa, a mainstay in India finds little demand elsewhere. Exports are at a mere 468 units, down 34.27 percent from 712 units. Dream export decline stood at 84.87 percent, having contracted to 240 units from 1,586 units. Livo met the same fate as numbers contracted to 200 units from 1,400. Unicorn 150 exports are reported at 160 units. CB Twister numbers fell to 130 units from 390 units having contracted by two-third.

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