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Honda Unicorn lands on the windscreen of a rickshaw – Can you guess how?

We know they’re not the safest but the truth is, they’re indispensable. Tuktuks (also known as rickshaws) are a great way to get to places, and can always accommodate that extra friend for a premium of Rs 10. Whether it’s transporting luggage, or taking a goat or dog to the vet, rickshaws are the answer.

But now we know, there’s more to rickshaws. Despite drawing flak for its flimsy structure, it would now seem rickshaws have more strength than previously assumed. Caught in a bizarre situation, a two wheeler lost its bearing and found itself flung ahead. Normally this goes one way. You lift off, fly ahead and finish by sliding on the road.

Here however, the flying two wheeler found itself airborne, and remained suspended in flying fantasy mode. The special riding mode lets riders lift off and try and hitch a free ride. The move requires mastery and precision and had until now remained unchartered territory as most two wheeler-rickshaw connections end with varying degrees of contact ending in a bent leg guard or big dent in the tuktuk’s nose.

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Perfecting the flying fantasy mode remains a top secret and has only been attempted very few times, and mastered rarely. The trick is to be able to plunge the front of the bike, i.e., mudguard, tyre, spokes, suspension, et al through the auto rickshaw’s windscreen. The killer move will result in a broken handle bar, a diminished fuel tank and the auto rickshaw snaps in two because there ain’t no canvas strong enough. The front wheel must remain embedded in the rickshaw for balance.

Upon damaging both vehicles, you will be met with questions. Most revolve around ‘How’?

As legend has it, the mystical unicorn with its spiraling horn protruding from its forehead was to be found in India. The land of magic affords many things magical but sighting an unicorn isn’t one of them. In its stead, it’s the popularity of the Honda CB Unicorn that we’re aware of. It’s possible the Unicorn in question didn’t put its magical horn to good use, and ended up where it did.

So how did it end up there? Well, there is not much info about it. If you know about the incident, leave your reply in the comment section below and we will update the post for other readers who would like to know what exactly happened here.

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