Honda Urban EV concept debuts at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda confirms production version for Europe in 2019.

The smart little Honda Urban EV concept has made its world premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show which is currently underway. The retro-styled compact hatchback is powered by a pure electric drivetrain.

While Honda is not forthcoming with the technical details of the electric drive system, it has revealed that the car is equipped with an advanced Power Manager Concept system which is claimed to store energy more efficiently apart from releasing electricity generated by renewable sources back into the home or even selling it back to the grid!

The little urban roundabout sports circular LED headlamps that sandwich a display which is meant to transmit messages to the fellow motorists from the driver! Well, we can totally see how this particular feature would be used if it ever makes it to India!

Known for their excellent interior packaging, Honda’s engineers have managed to fit 4 seats in a hatchback which is a full 4 inches shorter than the Jazz. Access to the interior is granted by two rear hinged suicide doors.

The minimalist cabin is thoroughly modern and is adorned with couch-like bench seats, wooden dashboard and multiple displays including a huge one that runs almost across the width of the dashboard and two compact units on the door pads.

A tapering windshield, square LED taillights and a display round off the rear fascia design.

The Honda Urban EV concept is confirmed to enter production in a slightly watered down avatar by 2019. Apart from Japan, Europe would be the pure electric hatchback’s primary market.