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Honda Vezel to be called HR-V in the US: Not to be launched in India


Honda Vezel, a compact SUV based on Honda Fit (Jazz) platform started selling in Japan in December 2013. To be launched in developed markets this year, including in the US, where it will be called HR-V, thus reviving their old badge, HR-V (Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle) badge.

Honda Vezel to be called HR-V in the USHonda has filed to trademark the said name at the US Patent and Trademark Office and has clandestinely shown the vehicle to the dealers there. Expected 2014 launch in North America, European and Australian debut might follow in 2015. Though, as far as India is concerned, Honda has confirmed that they are not planning to launch the Vezel in India in the near future.

Earlier HR-V was built on the supermini (B-segment) platform and premiered in 1999. Considered one of the first original crossover SUVs, it was introduced to give people the exploits of SUVs like amplified cargo room and hiked-up stance with better visibility, in conjunction with agile manoeuvrability and economy of small cars. It was powered by 1.6-litre 105PS SOHC engine, 1.6-litre 125PS SOHC VTEC for four-wheel drive, and a third CVT (Continuously Varying Transmission) automatic option.

The American Vezel is expected to be built at the Celaya plant in Mexico that assembles Honda Fit (Jazz), especially as it is based on the latter. Now that these two might end up sharing workspace, will Honda consider building a well-known sedan on the same platform for the American Market? Yes, we are talking about the sixth generation ‘City’, an iconic subcompact car in the Indian market.

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  • abhishek

    It is highly disappointing that it will not be launched in Indian. This decision has breeder a deprived feeling. If this car hr-v or so called vezel is not launched in India then I see this as an act of discrimination and unfair business. It may cause hostility in India and amongst Indian against all Honda cars and will boost market of other car manufacturers

  • Dinesh Badyal

    i completely agree, why discriminate India, when vezel has been launched in other Asian countries. Honda must be courageous to put it across to compete with hyundai creta (ix25)