Honeywell turbos in Volkswagen and Skoda 1.5L TDI engine

Honeywell turbochargers in question have been designed and developed in India to meet local automotive market needs. Volkswagen India inaugurated a diesel engine assembly plant at Chakan in January 2015 with increased focus on localisation.

Volkswagen 1.5L TDI diesel engine
Volkswagen Engine Assembly Plant: 1.5L TDI diesel engine

Honeywell has wide ranging expertise in developing variable nozzle technology (VNT) to benefit diesel engines. Manufacturing operations in India enabled collaboration for a turbo app to benefit the new 1.5L TDI diesel engine. The engine is in use in Volkswagen Polo, Vento, and Skoda Rapid.

Hans-Georg Festing, Executive Director – Corporate Purchasing, Volkswagen India Private Ltd says in Honeywell the auto manufacturer has a trusted partner. Honeywell has helped increase VW’s local content and contributed to the company’s long-term localisation strategy in India.

Milind Godbole, Managing Director, Honeywell Transportation Systems, India says VNT tech is an upgrade to existing wastegate tech with advanced aerodynamics and bearing systems. Honeywell VNT tech is 30 pct more space efficient so VW can apply a more powerful and compact powertrain.

The 1.5L TDI diesel engine replaced a smaller 1.2L TDI diesel engine, and a larger 1.6L TDI diesel engine. 1.5L TDI diesel engine configurations in use in Polo, Vento and Rapid went on sale in the latter half of 2014. The new engine lets VW offer improved fuel economy and uncompromising performance with high torque and power to improve overall responsiveness. Downsized diesel turbocharged vehicles deliver up to 40 pct better fuel-economy and emissions over comparable larger naturally-aspirated engines with similar power outputs.