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Hop Electric Motorcycle Testing Starts – Revolt RV400 Rival

HOP Electric Motorcycle Spied
HOP Electric Motorcycle Spied

Earlier this year, Hop Electric had launched Lyf and Leo electric scooters starting at Rs 65,500

Jaipur-based EV manufacturer Hop Electric will soon be expanding its portfolio to include its first electric motorcycle named Hop OXO. The first of test mules are currently being evaluated in real-world conditions. Hop OXO promises to offer an optimal mix of style, comfort, performance and range. Just like the electric scooters, Hop e-bike is expected to be launched at a competitive price point.

Hop OXO design and styling

Hop Electric Motorcycle OXO has a sporty design with an aggressive front fascia and sleek body panels. It is likely to have an all-LED setup. Some key features include trendy visor, spear-shaped turn indicators, sleek LED DRLs, single seat design, and short tail section. The bike appears to have an aerodynamic profile, which will ensure streamlined airflow and help extract more miles from the battery.

It is expected that Hop OXO will be offered in a range of sprightly colour options. Sporty graphics will be part of the package. It will likely have a naked profile with exposed frame sections in contrasting shade. Users can expect comfortable rides, as Hop OXO has an upright riding stance. The e-bike has ergonomically placed wide handlebars and centrally positioned foot pegs.

Usually, e-bikes come across as bulkier, as they have to carry large battery packs in their belly. Hop OXO does not have this limitation, as its batteries are neatly packed under the fuel tank. Its size and proportions are not very different from standard 125-150cc ICE powered motorcycles.

Hop OXO top speed, range and specs

Top speed of Hop OXO is expected to be around 80-90 kmph. The e-bike reaches its top speed in less than 30 seconds. Range is expected to be around 100 km on a full charge. Just like Hop electric scooters, OXO e-bike could be offered with the option of a single or dual battery pack.

In case of scooters, their range is 125 km with a dual battery pack. Top speed of Hop electric scooters is 50 kmph for Lyf and 60 kmph for Leo. Power output is 2000w for Lyf and 2500w for Leo. Details about power output of OXO electric bike will be revealed soon. Suspension system on OXO comprises standard telescopic forks at front and dual rear shock absorbers. The bike has disc brakes at both ends.

To eliminate range anxiety, Hop Electric is currently building a wide network of refuelling stations. These will function as recharging as well as battery swapping stations for a seamless user experience. Users who choose the swapping service can get a fully charged battery in just around 20 seconds. From the user’s perspective, battery swapping is more convenient than recharging.

When launched, Hop OXO electric motorcycle will take on rivals such as Revolt RV400 and Joy e-Monster. It is likely to be priced under Rs 1 lakh.

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