If car racing was not enough, we now have horses racing on Greater Noida Expressway

Saturday morning saw two horses and horsemen speeding down the Greater Noida Expressway in what appeared to be a race.

Earlier this week, an accident involving a Lamborghini Huracan and Maruti Dzire on the Noida expressway, resulted in a deadly accident. Now, a horse racing video shot in the same region, has gone viral.

Suspecting a high stake gambling racket, the police at Gautam Budh Nagar are investigating why two horses were seen galloping down the Greater Noida Expressway on Saturday morning July 8th at 7.30 am. The police also suspect that the gamblers were accompanying the horses, riding alongside on bikes.

The video, shot by an onlooker also draws attention to a brown and a white stallion racing against each other while the bikes urged then on encouraging the jockeys to race faster.

The horse race continued across Sector 128 along the Expressway near Jaypee Green Wish Town. One horse ran upto 500 meters while the other raced on for over 3 kms upto Amity University on Sector 125. These events put other travelers across the Expressway at a risk.

It could have led to a serious accident as other commuters on the road were taken by surprise. These races if not investigated and put a stop to spell danger of escalating and getting out of hand. There are a couple of farms along the Expressway where horses are reared for Polo club but it has been confirmed that these horses in the video are not from these farms.

The police state that further investigations are on and necessary action will be taken against the offenders.