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How about buying a Ferrari or Lamborghini while flying?

Spring Airlines, the budget airlines from China will be introducing a novel scheme whereby customers on board their flights will be able to purchase cars being displayed in an in-flight catalog.

Initially, only Chinese branded cars will be available for purchase, which cost around 100,000 Yuan ($16,0000 or INR 8,70,240). Later on, more premium brands, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc will be added to the catalog. The cars on display in the airline catalog can be purchased right away.

“Car sales are very popular in Shanghai and our passengers can have time during their flight to study details of the models available,” a company spokesperson told Bloomberg.

The catalog will state various models, their specifications and exact prices which will enable flyers to select their favorite models and pay for it with credit cards. No financing schemes are yet being offered and all purchases are direct and up front.

The cabin crew will be given training on various aspects of selling cars and will have to learn about the models available through these in flight catalogs. How the customers are going to initiate credit card payments mid air and how they are going to finalize purchases minus a test drive is still to be seen but Spring Airlines hope to get this in flight car buying scheme off the ground and flying high from April this year.

On the other hand, earlier this week Spring Airlines uploaded a photo on their Facebook page which showed Daniel Craig, a.k.a. James Bond, collecting the delivery of his all new red colored Aston Martin. Their Facebook update read, “This is our first delivery! Thanks Mr. Bond! What brands would you like Spring Airlines to sell? Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini?” We are not sure whether Spring Airlines have sold Daniel this Aston Martin or just made a delivery. We are awaiting their reply on the same, and if they have sold the car, then this is probably the first car to be sold mid-air.

Though this is not a conventional way of selling cars, we think it might just click. Some people might wonder, how can you buy a car without driving one? But then, at the same time, you see more and more people shopping online, without actually feeling or experiencing what they are buying.

Another plus point of this new venture of selling cars to passengers while flying, is that car manufacturers who opt for this, can find more number of potential customers. They can easily generate leads. If this new way of selling cars is a success, we shall soon see more number of airlines selling cars to their passenger.


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