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How does car v-belt work?

Mostly, the automotive have one or two drives belts, in case there is only belt, it is known as serpentine belt. Made from sturdy rubber, but over the time, it also wears like every other automotive component. Generally, it lasts more than 50,000 kms, but mechanics recommends to replace it before that, as you won’t be able to move your vehicle even an inch with a broken belt. If you to try run an engine without a belt, coolant will not circulate to other parts and result engine overheat.

How does it work?

The V-belts provide the best combination of traction, speed movement and long service life. Its general shape is trapezoidal, hence the name “V” belt was given. These belts transfer power through a grip on the pulley and belt tension. It does so as a result of friction between the driving and driven pulley. Hence, it is important to maintain the right amount of tension for the proper functioning of a vehicle.

When to be replaced

Most of the time, you will likely to hear the chirping and squeaking sound when the need for v-belt replacement arises. If you notice anything like this, check with the mechanic and get it examined. If you are able to find splits, cracks, damaged edges, missing chunks, it is time for the belt to be replaced. Just to make yours realize the importance of engine oil, oil is one of major causes of damaged belt, hence require quick replacement.

Moreover, you may also hear such sounds in case of loose belt. Most of the vehicles now days come with belt tensioner that automatically adjusts the belt, but some require manual adjustment.

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