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Damaged My New Car – How Insurance Saved the Day!

Cruising with a sense of accomplishment and pride, I couldn’t wait to reach a close friend’s place and plan a weekend getaway with him. Suddenly, a dog decided to dash across the road, just inches ahead of my car. In a fraction of a second, I swerved hard to the right whilst jamming the brakes.

Tires screeched, a loud bang, and then it all went quiet. The dog was nowhere to be seen but I was relieved that I didn’t run over the poor fellow. However, the front of my car was a mess – a cracked windscreen, bent bumper, and a lot of twisted metal. My heart sank to see the wreck. The only thought that kept me together was of the comprehensive zero depreciation Car Insurance policy that I had opted for.

I called up the insurance helpline and was assured that help was on its way. Soon enough, a tow truck came to the accident spot and two service guys were quick to hook the car on to the tow chain. At the service center, I was required to fill a couple of forms and was assured that my car would be as good as new in a matter of a few days. Next day, I called up to check the status of my insurance claim and was told that the same had been approved and that the car was going through the necessary repair work.

I was really happy that I had opted for a Car Insurance By Manufacturer for my new car. A couple of days later, I got a call from the workshop and was told that my car would be ready for delivery by the next morning. I was overjoyed that the car would be road-ready much before the promised time and I couldn’t wait to get my prized possession back on the road.

Next day, I was quick to reach the service center to see that my car was being washed and scrubbed to a shine. A few formalities later, I was handed over the car keys. What came as a really pleasant surprise is that I was required to bear only a tiny fraction of the total cost of repairs! The rest, as promised, was covered by the insurance company. Once again, I was happy to have opted for a comprehensive motor insurance policy that offered ‘cashless’ repair. Soon, I was back home and couldn’t stop admiring the wonderful job the workshop had done. My car was as good as new. My car’s motor insurance policy totally saved the day!


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