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How much car brands earn on selling a car? Top 20 list

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Ferrari tops the game with a huge margin.

A recent study of EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) of top automakers was released by a German magazine. Here is a list of most profitable automotive brands based on the EBITDA % per unit.

Ferrari emerges on top with EBITDA of 18% which roughly translates into profit of 56,000 euros (around INR 42.57 lakhs) for every car sold. Please note that factoring in taxes, interests, depreciating, amortization would lead to a much lower figure but EBITDA can be taken as a general measure of a company’s current operational performance.

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Porsche comes second with an EBITA of 16.7% i.e. 15,641 euros per unit.

Porsche with an EBITDA percentage of 16.7% comes second but considering that the average vehicle price is much less than Ferrari, the percentage translates into profit of 15,641 euros (around INR 11.89 lakhs).

Thanks to lower wages in Czech Republic compared to Germany, Skoda manages to outshine its parent company to take the third spot with a percentage of 9.6% which leads earning of 1,589 euros (around INR 1.20 lakhs) for every Skoda sold.

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Thanks to lower wages in his home country compared to Germany, Skoda enjoys an EBITA of 9% compared to VW’s meager 1.7%.

BMW is placed 4th with 9.5% (3387 euros or INR 2.57 lakhs per unit) while Audi rounds off top 5 with 8.8% (3,337 euros or INR 2.53 lakhs). VW may have outsold Toyota in the first half of 2016 but the German automaker’s EBITDA percentage of 1.7 is no match to its Japanese rival’s 8.0.

Full List of who earned what-

Ferrari 18 56,000 42,57,680
Porsche 16.7 15,641 11,89,185
Skoda 9.6 1,589 1,20,811
BMW 9.5 3,389 2,57,665
Audi 8.8 3,337 2,53,712
Ford 8.7 1,652 1,25,601
GM 8.6 1,912 1,45,369
Toyota 8 NA NA
Mercedes Benz 7.9 3,192 2,42,687
Jaguar Land Rover NA 4,068 3,09,290
Fiat Chrysler 5.9 1,330 1,01,119
Volvo NA 2,340 1,77,910
Peugeot-Citroen 6.8 844 64,169
Hyundai Kia 6 773 58,771
Nissan 4.7 2,088 1,58,750
Renault 4.7 715 54,361
Volkswagen 1.7 395 30,032

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