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You Do Not Have to Be Rich to Drive a Ferrari

Well you don’t have to necessarily spend half a million to get behind the wheel of one. This fantasy could come true with a driving experiences. A driving experience is a type of test where you choose the type of car that you wish to steer. You are accompanied by an instructor who will direct you on the tracks as some of the cars are highly sophisticated. There are many types of driving experiences which are classified according to the kind of car. The most common experiences are rally, supercar, off-road and supercar. This sort of test drive takes three to four laps, and non-licence holders and kids above 12 can participate in the activity.

There are many reasons why you may want to take part in a driving experience.

1. Sampling

Many potential car owners do not know the exact type of car that they would want to buy. Participating in a test drive helps people know the performance of different vehicles and avoid making wrong choices when purchasing a car. Testing different cars on the same track will help you in determining the best car that suits you.

2. Association

Having a first-hand experience on a particular car helps you in learning the various measures which you should take in different driving conditions. When testing a car on the track, you will have the assistance of an instructor who will guide you on how to use various instruments and parts of a car when driving. The instructor will also be in a position to give you the dos and don’ts, especially during fast driving.

3.Driving style

A driving experience will give you the opportunity to drive many different vehicles you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to drive and test them to their maximum potential. There are different types of driving experiences that you can participate in, depending on your preference.

 4 x 4 off-road

This category is meant for individuals who are interested in cars which are meant for rough terrain. These cars are four-wheel drive and have high suspension above the ground for easier navigation in mud, rocks and all-weather roads. The purpose of this test drive is to determine the capability of different vehicles rough roads rather than speed.


People who want to test high-end cars choose the supercars category. These are cars with the fastest acceleration and are meant for use on smooth roads. Many individuals may choose to test drive supercars for fun and experience the performance of these cars solely out of curiosity.

Rally and racing cars

Rally cars are those which people check for their performance and speed both on-road and off-road. These cars are mainly used in competitions which combine driving them on ordinary tarmacked roads and navigating them to all weather roads.

Racing cars compare to rally cars as people want to test them for their speed. The main difference between these two driving experiences is that racing cars are manufactured purposely for competitions and driving on tracks rather than on roads. Formula 1 cars fall under this category.

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