How To Sell A Car At The Best Price In India – My Experience With CARS24

Here is my experience of selling my first car with CARS24.

I was 25 when I bought my first car. It was a second hand Hyundai Tucson. I still remember the day I got this car – It was a Wednesday morning when it was handed over to me by my uncle, the first owner of this beautiful 2009 Hyundai Tucson.

Powered by a 2.0 litre diesel engine, and mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox, this 4×4 has been my companion for the last 4 years, during which we have driven more than 60,000 kms. I have been all over the country in this car. From the highest motorable road to the southern-most tip of the country – this car has given me some unforgettable life memories.

Earlier this year, I joined a new company, for which I had to travel 50 kms every day, mostly inside the city. With the Hyundai Tucson, it was not only difficult to manoeuvre through traffic, but was also hard to find a parking spot. After giving it a thought for a few months, I finally decided to sell the car – my 2009 Hyundai Tucson and buy a smaller car – And hence began my long, tiring journey of selling my old car!

I never imagined that selling a car in India can be so exhausting. Getting a fair price for your old car is like fighting a mini war where you have the whole army against you. So, I decided to share my experience of selling my car hoping that anyone who intends to sell his car, benefits from this.

To sell my car, I first spread the word around in our friends / family circle and was sure this will give me the money my car deserved. But I was wrong. Those who were interested, were not ready to give the price I expected and they were hoping that I will reduce the price.

When that did not work, I posted ads online on sites like OLX, Quikr, shared ads on my Facebook / Twitter profile. This got many queries, but hardly anything materialized. Another problem with selling the car to an unknown person online was the fear of getting cheated. There are multiple cases where people have been duped.

By now I had started visiting the local used car shops in my city. These were the worst. They not only quoted pathetic price for my car, they were also very unprofessional and bossy for no reason. Some of them were quoting figures that would probably not even buy me a new Honda Activa, leave alone a six figure sum. So, after spending weeks trying to sell the car, I was nowhere close to successfully selling my Tucson.

One morning, while surfing the internet, I stumbled upon an ad which claimed to give me the best price for my car. This is when I first got to know about CARS24. The minute I clicked on the ad, I was taken to their website. Little did I know that my search for a fair price for my used car would end here.

I fiddled through their site for some time and even tried their ‘Get Quote’ feature. All I had to do was enter my car details, and they shared an estimated value of my car. They quoted INR 2.56 lakh for my car. This was higher than my expectation, so I immediately booked an appointment for my car’s inspection at the closest CARS24 branch in Baner (Pune).

The same day, a representative from their team called to ask a few more questions about the car, explained to me what all documents I needed to carry, etc. An hour before the due meeting, a reminder was sent via SMS.

Despite leaving early, I reached the CARS24 Baner Branch a little late. All thanks to Pune traffic! At the branch, an executive was there to greet me at the entrance. The spacious setup of the outlet surprised me – comfortable low seating, supply of magazines, newspapers, and bottled water on the tabletops, and a TV that continuously plays the CARS24 informative powerpoint. It was nothing like the local used car shops I had been to all these days, and looked no lesser than a premium showroom.

Since I was late by half an hour, they requested me to wait for some time before starting my car’s inspection. Apparently their car expert was busy inspecting another car whose appointment was scheduled at that time.

Soon I was taken to the cubicle where my assigned representative was waiting to explain the process to me. After having a look at car papers, insurance copy and the RC card, he along with a technician went to the car and started checking it thoroughly.

Experts checked the exterior, tyre tread, electricals, interiors, steering, suspension, brake, ac, engine and more using various gadgets – Tyre Tread Gauge, Paint Coating Meter, OBD Scanner, BCM Scanner etc. They told me that every car is inspected based on well-defined parameters and CARS24 is the only player in the market that uses these modern gadgets to inspect a car. It was indeed a professional and transparent inspection with no room for subjectivity.

While checking the car, experts were also updating the technical details of the car into their smartphone. They created an objective inspection report of my car.

All this while, like any customer, I was trying to figure out how they will get a fair price for my car? The executive probably understood what was going on in my head and told me about their recipe to get the best price for any car – They have a network of buyers who bid online for the car based on the inspection report of that car. This unique online bidding process is what gets a good price for the car.

In the inspection report, for any parameter that isn’t shown a green mark, CARS24 mentions a suggestive repair cost. This cost doesn’t have to be borne by the car owner, and gives the bidder a real idea on how much they may need to incur as repair cost in addition to buying price. Obviously, this data is important when a car’s bidding price is determined.

While the bidding was going on, I made myself comfortable on one of the sofa in the outlet, with a magazine and a cup of tea. After sometime, the executive approached me with the highest bidding price from the auction. When he told me the price, I was pleasantly surprised. The highest bidder from the auction was ready to pay INR 2.8 lakh for my car. And I immediately decided to sell my car to CARS24.

The quoted price was higher than what I had expected. It was even higher than what they had estimated on their website earlier in the day. On asking them how is it possible? They said that the quote they show online is just an estimate. The condition of your car, and the number of buyers participating in the bid play a vital role in getting a good price.

CARS24 took car papers, made me sign some documents required to sell the car, and took possession of my car. They initiated the process to transfer the amount to my bank account and promised that it would be credited within two hours.

From here on, the car was no longer mine. They had taken complete responsibility, including that of paperwork (ownership transfer, etc). So if anything was to happen to the car now, it was their problem, not mine. Soon after, I thanked them, and left the branch with a big smile. The amount was credited to my account even before I reached home.

Overall, my experience with CARS24 was excellent – I got a great price for my car, the staff was truly professional, all my queries were handled properly and the money was transferred instantly. I had spent countless days, hopping from one dealership to the other; Visiting them on a weekday after taking leave from work; Arguing with buyers who were not only rude, but also lacked professional courtesy. And in all of this, CARS24 appeared to be a near perfect solution to sell your used car, in the most efficient way than ever before.