Hradyesh brings Hot Rod for Rs.15 crores: India’s only Hot Rod, Street Rod and Custom Car Manufacturer

Hradyesh, custom car manufacturer and ace producer of Hot Rod and Street Rod custom cars has been well known for his abilities to transform ordinary cars into dream machines. In its first year itself, Hradyesh has revealed that he will be completing an exclusive 600 bhp hot rod for a client. This supercharged hot rod will be worth an astounding Rs.15 crores once it is completed. This will bring into focus the high level of luxury that Hradyesh offers on his custom built cars which are accepted only on invitation basis.

Hradyesh does not only style up the car but also organizes special unveiling launches for its owners who will like the world to witness exclusivity of their hot rod, street rods and custom cars all with a super high level of handcrafted appeal and luxury fittings. Auto enthusiasts who would like their dream machines transformed by Hradyesh need to request an invitation to his website where they can give details of their vehicle and what they desire in their dream machine.

Morris Street is the first such street rod built in India by Hradyesh. This vehicle will be taken through the streets of India, major cities and state capitals in a bid to project itself among auto enthusiasts while giving them a chance to witness the limitless possibilities of hot rods, street rods and custom cars all of which Hradyesh is capable.

News release: India to Experience Rs 15 Crore Exclusive Hot Rod by Hradyesh

Hradyesh, India’s Only Hot Rod, Street Rod & Custom Car Manufacturer Displays Immense Potential in Its First Year

Hradyesh dazzles the Indian elite with limitless possibilities through hot rods, street rods & custom cars manufactured to display unique individual brands on the road.

The excitement of hot rods and street rods gracing Indian roads is reaching a crescendo as Hradyesh completes first year of brilliance on June 30, 2012. Marking the maiden year, Hradyesh revealed that he would soon be completing work on an exquisite yet incomprehensibly powerful 600 BHP exclusive performance hot rod for a client. This supercharged handcrafted hot rod is worth a whopping Rs 15 crore and represents the exclusivity offered by Hradyesh. In fact, the whole experience of getting a custom car made by Hradyesh epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle as it involves everything from personalized branding of cars to special unveiling launch events for owners.

In its maiden year, the exclusive Hot rod and Street rod manufacturer created waves not only amongst the Indian elite with his promise of exotic and exclusively unique handmade hot rods, street rods and custom cars but also amidst automobile enthusiasts hailing from other countries. The achievements of Hradyesh were recognized by the American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) as he was invited to represent India, Middle East and Asia Pacific region as the President for AHRA.

In essence, Hradyesh has made owning hot rods and street rods a privilege in the country as orders are taken only on invitation basis with many dreamers turned away regularly. Car enthusiasts who wish to own a masterpiece of their own may request an invitation at Hradyesh website mentioning a detailed profile and description of their dream car.

The first year also witnessed the pioneering visionary initiate the ambitious All India Road show. “Morris Street”, the first street rod built on Indian soil by Hradyesh, will blaze through the highways and cities of the country’s state capitals. The All India Road show aims to interact with car enthusiasts and allows them to experience the limitless world of hot rods, street rods and custom cars.

Morris Street and Hradyesh have already covered an amazing 2,000 KMs in the country. The All India Road show began from New Delhi, travelled to Jaipur and further cruised to Amritsar, India-Pakistan Wagah Border, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Karnal, Panipat and Sonipat. The Road show is now moving towards the central, western and southern states of India. As is obvious, when people saw the symbol of style majestically gliding through the country, many dreams were born and put into motion.

In the coming days, apart from owning these super power luxurious chariots, the owners can expect to be a part of exclusive events organized especially for them in the country. Also, Hradyesh has made India’s first exclusive club for hot rod and street rod owners a reality for the Indian elite. If you have the privilege of owning a custom car from Hradyesh, you can look forward to experiencing the sensuous Rod Resorts in India and even revel in the adrenalin rush of participating in India’s first ever Hot Rod Drag Racing Events.

Commenting on the company’s first year of great achievements, the passionate man behind multiple dreams, Hradyesh – Founder & CEO stated, “In our first year, the number of people who have approached us with their dreams has been simply overwhelming. I have received requests for wacky looking cars, super luxury cars and even cars with performance specs that have never been seen before. It is my job to turn people’s dreams into real masterpieces and this is just the beginning. I will continue surprising the people of India by introducing world’s exclusive motor sport and luxury experiences never witnessed before in the country. As I firmly believe that you need to “dream first to realize your dream”.


Morris Street – India’s First Street Rod