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Huawei powers China’s Da-Qin 30,000-ton heavy-haul railway transportation

Huawei GSM-R Da Qin

Huawei’s latest GSM-R solution has supported China’s Da-Qin Railway Line over a 30,000-ton heavy-duty traction test to increase China’s railway hauling capacity by over 50%. China is one of few nations to succeed in transportation of 30,000-ton heavy-haul trains in existing railway systems.

Huawei GSM-R Da Qin“For a 3,971-meter long, 320-wagon 30,000-ton heavy-haul train to pass the traction test successfully in April, that is a key milestone to the development of China’s heavy-haul railway transportation,” said Mr. Xu Zhiyu, General Manager of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Product Line. “As the main artery of China’s coal transportation network, the revamp of the wireless communication technologies along the Da-Qin Railway Line poses a challenge for railway operators to address the growing demand for heavy-haul railway transportation and efficient long-distance wireless communication in China. To address the evolution of transportation industry, it is crucial for railway operators to ensure safety and railway hauling capacity at the same time. With extensive experience and insights in wireless communication technology and railway industry, Huawei has been providing the global railway industry with customized, reliable communications solutions, where our GSM-R solution ensures railway systems with advanced, secure, and reliable communications infrastructure, to allow railway operators to save costs and achieve sustained profitability.”

Da-Qin Railway Line spans 53 km across northeastern China and transports around 400 million tons of the country’s coal each year, and is the first China railway line to integrate a GSM-R communications system.


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