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Human powered vehicle sets new world speed record

Human powered vehicle

Toronto based team Aerovelo has broken the speed bike record at World Human Powered Speed Challenge.

On Thursday, September 17, speed bike “Eta” powered to a speed of 137.93 kmph while on Friday September 18, Eta broke a record, hitting a speed of 139.21 kmph only to break this record once again on Saturday, September 19 to accelerate to 133.78 kmph.

Team Aerovelo, consisting of a group of students from the University of Toronto and aided by Dr. Todd Reichert at the helm cranked Eta to win a record. Eta, a recumbent bicycle enclosed in an aerodynamic shell was pushed to the limits to a speed of 137.93 kmph, thus allowing the team to win the World Human Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada over the past weekend.

Reichert first broke the previous record of 133.8 kmph on Thursday and then went on to break his own record twice in subsequent days over the week long competition to 133.78 kmph.

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This record breaking feat is conducted each year along an 8 km stretch in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Eta is named after the Greek symbol of efficiency. Eta is built of lightweight carbon fiber enclosed in a carbon honeycomb sandwich shell. It weighs a total of 25 kgs and is capable of accelerating faster than 140 kmph while human peddling force used creates approximately 1 bhp sustaining for a minute.

The team, headed by Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson, have also created world’s first Human Powered Ornithopter and Human Powered Helicopter.

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