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Hummer Electric Massive Tyres, Alloys Revealed in New Teaser Video

The fully electrified Hummer was earlier slated to be unveiled in May but GMC had to defer the plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic

General Motors Company (GMC) had earlier this year shared the first teaser of electric Hummer. At the announcement of this project, GMC managed to make everyone take notice of this beast. To enter production next year, it will be offered in the form of an SUV as well as a pick-up truck.

Now, the American auto giant has teased us with the electric pick-up truck once again with a rather peculiar functionality. The upcoming Hummer EV pick-up will be revealed in its full-form on October 20 with a special ‘Crab Mode’ function, something unheard till now.

What’s this ‘Crab Mode’?

This new Crab mode lets the vehicle move in a diagonal direction with the help of rear-wheel steering. This exclusive feature helps to turn all four wheels in the same direction so that the vehicle can move sideways. Apparently, this functionality enhances its already impressive off-roading credentials.

GMC says that this particular function will increase the manoeuvrability of the vehicle. It will be interesting to see whether this one of a kind feature could come to use in parallel parking, given Hummer’s huge size. Also, as a bonus, the video also reveals the massive tyres and alloys design that will be on offer with production spec Hummer EV.


The Hummer moniker has always been loved for its robust demeanor and enormous size. Many design elements of the IC engine Hummer will be carried forward to the Hummer EV. For instance the six slat vertical grille which gives an imposing figure to the Hummer EV. In the video, you can also see the EV with a removable roof. The interiors of the cabin haven’t been revealed yet but are expected to go a few notches higher in terms of quality of materials and features on offer.


Coming to its performance, the Hummer EV will be powered by the next generation 200kWh Ultium battery setup. This battery pack is expected to generate a humongous power of 1000 bhp and a mind-boggling torque of 15,592 Nm. Those are insane output figures. This heavy SUV/pick-up truck would take only 3 seconds for its 0-96 kmph sprint which easily puts it into the supercar vicinity.

The Hummer EV pick-up truck will be revealed next month, almost a year ahead of its official launch. The SUV configuration of Hummer EV is also expected to be unveiled sometime soon. Upon its launch, Hummer EV pick-up will lock its horn against the Tesla Cybertruck which is also scheduled to be launched sometime next year.

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