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Hummer electric SUV being planned for launch by GM?

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Soon after filing for government assisted bankruptcy protection in 2009, General Motors withdrew the popular Hummer SUV brand from the market. Though Hummer SUVs enjoyed good brand pull, the gas guzzling nature didn’t bode well with environmentalists and emission control boards. So, the mammoth off-roaders had to hang up their their boots.

With current day General Motors set to embrace the all-electric future, there is a possibility that the famous marque could make a comeback in an greener guise.

A zero-emission Hummer almost sounds like an oxymoron but let’s face it, Hummer was too cool even before the SUV frenzy took over the world. It totally makes sense to bring the brand back to life in this day and age.

Hummer electric

Bloomberg reports that GM is mulling over the idea of developing an all-new electric Hummer as a part of its electrified SUV fleet. According to the publication’s sources, an electric Hummer is just an idea on the table as of now and it may or may not lead to an actual product. It is more of an internal ‘what if’ thought exercise in the process of developing a modular electric platform that would underpin GM’s varied range of trucks (SUVs and pickups).

Currently, the American auto giant is working on two primary electric vehicle programs. The BEV3 project aims at developing small and mid-size passenger cars and crossovers while the second project will focus on full-size electric SUVs and pickups. The next generation fleet of GM SUVs such as Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon, etc are expected to be fully electrified.

If at all the Hummer electric sees the light of day, it would share its hardware with aforementioned trucks. We expect the new Hummer to retain its ginormous proportions, instantly recognizable design traits and impressive off-road capability. GM would pack the SUV with latest connectivity features to have a contemporary appeal.

Bringing back the Hummer SUV brand with pure electric powertrain technology could help GM counteract new promising EV starts like Rivian which is all set to introduce its futuristic electric SUV and pickup truck next year.

Would you like to see the Hummer back in action?

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