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Husqvarna India Sales May 2022 At 0 Units – Vitpilen, Svartpilen

Husqvarna India domestic sales in May 2022 comes to a standstill: exports fall to less than half

2022 Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 Sales
2022 Husqvarna Svartpilen 250. Image – Dev MTR.

Bajaj Auto introduced Husqvarna India in 2019. And the group is poised to work along the footsteps of KTM here. Another business unit championed by Bajaj. As part of its pro-biking initiatives, Husqvarna sales estimates have been met with initial challenges in India. This is largely owing to market disruption sowing to Covid-19 lockdowns through 2020 and 2021.

Henric Andersson, CEO comments: “The strong demand from the previous record year continues, but the challenging global supply chain situation is affecting us particularly in the latter part of the first quarter. However, the gardening season is ahead of us, we have a record order backlog and we are taking decisive mitigating measures in order to increase production throughout the season”.

Husqvarna India Sales May 2022

Husqvarna India domestic sales have been below a bare minimum for April and May 2022. In April, the company reported 5 units in sales. In May, that number was down to naught. A year earlier, the output was naturally starved owing to limitations in place to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Correspondingly, exports too were on a decline. YoY May 2022 Husqvarna exports are reported at 776 units having halved from 1,610 units. Volume loss stood at 834 units. 401 exports led at 608 units. MoM exports fell from 762 units. 126 units of 125 were exported, and 42 of 250. 125 exports fell from 420 units. 250 exports fell from 211 units. 200 exports fell to naught from 217 units.

Husqvarna India Sales May 2022
Husqvarna India Sales May 2022

Husqvarna 250 Twins price

MoM exports fell from 2,458 units. Decline stood at 68.43 percent at volume loss of 1,563 units. 401 exports fell from 1,762 units. 125 exports fell from 420 units. 250 exports fell from 204 units, and 200 exports were down from 72 units.

Last month, the company revised the price of the Husqvarna 250 twins by about 2 grands. This puts Vitpilen pricing at Rs 2,17,152, and Svartpilen at Rs 2,17,779. When reporting estimated net sales for Q1 2022, Husqvarna Group emphasised on increased supply chain challenges.

Global supply chain shortage

While demand was strong across product categories, continual global supply chain challenges equated to components/parts shortages. And longer lead times result in delayed deliveries. Given the circumstances, the company estimated reduced production in Q1 2022. And the same situation appears to have trickled into Q2 2022. April and May production and sales/exports in India could be echoing a supply shortage situation.

Husqvarna India Exports May 2022
Husqvarna India Exports May 2022

Globally, all eyes are on geopolitical developments in Europe. The current situation has no doubt choked and disrupted supply channels. This ongoing supply procurement troubles and urgency continues to boost buoyancy in raw material purchase prices. Simultaneously, energy and transportation costs are on the rise. Efforts are on to mitigate increased pricing trends while reducing backlogs.

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