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How did this flyover in Hyderabad get flooded? (Video)

While most will wonder how a flyover can get flooded, the accompanying video is testimony to this strange occurrence. The water outlets got blocked due to accumulated dust and this resulted in the entire flyover getting flooded causing much inconveniences to commuters.

The flooded Punjagutta flyover in the city of Hyderabad caused distress to persons travelling on it on the 2nd October 2017. Hosanna, a 26 year old motorist, was working on the date despite it being a national holiday.

After contending with a tough day at work, the young financer headed towards his home in Marredpally when he got stuck due to heavy rains. He was further surprised to note that the Punjagutta flyover was also flooded. He, being on a two wheeler, was drenched upto his knees after being forced to stand in the flooded waters while traffic inched ahead at a very slow speed.

This took Hosanna over two hours to reach his residence. Besides Hosanna, there were other motorists who also had to weather the floods and videos of the flooded flyover were beamed across the internet.

Punjagutta flyover connects Begumpet to Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills. It serves as a link to those working in Hyderabad and Cyberabad but live at Securnderabad. This is also not the first time that the flyover was flooded as even last year in September, commuters had to face the same ordeal when it rained heavily.

Clogged drains are to blame for this flooding and it is noted that the GHMC workers who clean the flyover do not dispose of the garbage efficiently but just sweep it to the sides which then causes blockage of water outlets.

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