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Hyosung Aquila 250 Review – Eyeball Magnet

To be honest, we can’t be sure if you’re reading or just scrolling through and gawking at the images. But if you think you fell in love with Hyosung Aquila 250 cruiser on very first sight, we’d stop you right there and say, “Its just infatuation bro!” Yeah, we know she has those extensive chrome finished motifs on pure white panels, low slung chassis housing V-twin engine, big broad seats with sporty red tubing, canon like silencer that reflect your face and all that, but first lets look at what she’s capable on road.

The 75 degree V-twin EFI engine with Dual OverHead Camshaft (DOHC) has a collective displacement of 249cc. It cranks out 26.21 bhp of max. power @ 9,500 rpm and 21.37 Nm peak torque @ 7,000 rpm. Engine is mated to a 5-speed constant mesh transmission, shifted by customary 1-down and 4-up pattern. Heat produced is exchanged with atmosphere via oil cooling mechanism. We rode the bike on highway and in city, managing an average mileage of 27 kmpl (not bad for a 179kg cruiser). With fuel tank capacity at 14 litres, you can expect a range of over 500 kms on a single tank of fuel.

Grunt in low-end is appreciable but as you throttle up, it gets better along 5,000 rpm and becomes most enjoyable between 7,000 and 8,000 rpm. Whether you’re riding the Hyosung Aquila 250 in city or on a highway, maintain engine speed above 5,000 rpm and you’ll feel confident to take over any ride ahead. Good thing is, she never gets tired of offering good torque.

Having said that, power plant does not provide enough thump for a cruiser this size. Vibrations of Hyosung Aquila 250 are minimal and can be easily ignored. Gearshift quality is not so hot especially under quick downshifts; sometimes Neutral indicator comes on at 1st or 2nd. Another thing that lets you down is the under-toned sound of exhaust, as anyone would expect a series of explosion to outface all others on the streets when riding a brawny looking cruiser.

Ride quality of Hyosung Aquila 250 is good if engine vibration is counted out. Front inverted telescope and rear double coil-over spring does duty pretty well. They absorb potholes and road cracks partially, passing some remaining effect to the rider.

Long wheelbase (1515 mm) is defined by sizeable tyres accustomed to a cruiser mounted on bold looking rims showing brushed finish. Front tyre is 110/90 -16 59S and rear tyre is 150/80 -15 70S. They offer good grip in wet roads and during cornering. Hyosung Aquila 250 braking is decent, front disc offering adequate bite, but its the rear drum brakes which needs to be improved.

On safety front, the side stand does not allow engine to start till its kicked up, and cuts the engine off when it is footed down. As far as seat comfort is concerned, the rider gets adequate support, but the pillion might not feel the same. Apart from this, pillion does not get a grab-rail, instead gets a strap in front of him to clutch when the ride tends to giddy up.

Verdict: Aquila 250 offers all the perks required to establish itself as a functional cruiser, until you throttle up and go the distance. But for the price of Rs. 3,06,810 (on-road Pune), Hyosung Aquila 250 is acceptable mostly for city ride and small-time weekend getaways with bikes less than its own size. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you should probably stay away from this bike. But if you are on a budget of about Rs 3 lakhs, and are looking for a cruiser, look no further.

Why to buy Hyosung Aquila 250

– Looks
– Comfort
– Weekend getaways

Why not to buy Hyosung Aquila 250

– Performance
– Mileage
– Price

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