Hyperloop One propels sledge from 0-187 kmph in just 1.1 seconds

Demonstrating first ever open air propulsion test in front of media, the pod platform prototype sped across an un-tubed and half mile track across Nevada desert for 5 seconds. The success of this test could one day see commuters speed between San Francisco and Los Angeles in a supersonic pod.

This transport system, initiated by Elon Musk is in its early stages of development. The name change from Hyperloop One to Hyperloop Technologies took place at the same time as the first public test carried out of a prototype propulsion system.

Hyperloop, if completed will see the journey between San Francisco to Los Angeles completed in just 30 minutes and would shape the future of transportation and will guarantee high speed, safe and efficient transportation of both people and things.

Tests conducted in Nevada saw the sled accelerating to 187 kmph in 1.1 seconds while it accelerated forward with a force of approximately 2.5 Gs. The 1500 pound luge which took off was pushed forward by a series of magnets called stators.

The tests did not include the levitation system which according to Hyperloop’s senior vice president of engineering, Josh Giegel, is currently under development at the company’s Los Angeles office. CTO Brogan BamBrogan said that Hyperloop One is confident of testing both systems across a quarter mile full scale track within a series of tubes later this year. While the tests saw speeds of 450 kmph, further tests could see the finished product hit speeds of over 1125 kmph.

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