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Hyundai and Kia fuel cell and battery powered EV’s


Hyundai Motors Co, fuel cell electric vehicle leaders is looking at a rechargeable battery-powered car to make its entry into markets in 2016. This upcoming electric car is the answer to greater emphasis being shown to zero emission cars in the future.

For a while now,  Hyundai Motors has been paying greater attention to fuel cell vehicles powered by electricity generated through use of hydrogen. This is what results in longer drive range and shorter refill time leading to more eco friendly vehicles.

hyundai_ix35Even as Hyundai is preparing to launch this electric car in 2016 Hyundai affiliate Kia Motors is also starting to build a battery powered version of its Soul compact in Korea as early as next month. This upcoming model will be Hyundai-Kia’s first battery powered electric vehicle and will be exclusive to its home markets for a start but Kia will offer the all electric crossover in Europe and US from 2016. Sales are aimed at 5000 units per year.

In Korea, taking advantage of various government subsidies, the Soul EV will be priced at half its 42 million won ($39,400) price tag. Kia will be offered with an 81 kWh electric motor which will be capable to travel upto 92 miles on a 24-33 minute fast recharge or a 4 hour slow charge.


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