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Hyundai Blue Link App for Apple Watch launched

Hyundai has launched the Blue Link app for Apple Watch. This brings the same level of convenience and control which the app has been offering users via smartphone since 2012.

The Hyundai Blue Link Smartwatch app on Apple Watch

Apple Watch works with all Blue Link equipped Hyundai cars. All you have to do is download the app and install on your watch. Once you have linked your watch to the car, users can lock, unlock, start their cars remotely through Voice Recognition commands such as ‘Start my Car’ or ‘Unlock my Car’, start the air condition to regulate the cabin temperature to your preference, and much more.

This app can also help in locating a lost vehicle in a parking lot by flashing lights or honking while the lost vehicle can also be mapped on the smart watch. The app includes a parking meter reminder besides allowing users to maintain a continual check on vehicle status.

Next generation Hyundai Blue Link App compatible models include 2015 Genesis, Sonata and Azera.

Apple Watch app is easy to use with the wearer required to tap an icon or use voice commands to initiate remote functions. By pushing a microphone icon on the watch, the wearer can activate voice commands. Enhancements also include automatic collision notification, engine timer, climate control and remote start function. Destination search via Google is also possible with the users accessing an address on their smart phone and sending it to the vehicle’s navigation system.

Hyundai Blue Link – Overview

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