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Small Hyundai Electric Cars: Casper EV, followed by Exter EV?

From Casper EV Launching in 2024 to Exter EV: The Next Big Thing in Electric Cars from Hyundai

Hyundai Casper EV Spied - Likely to spawn into Exter Electric in India
Hyundai Casper EV Spied – Likely to spawn into Exter Electric in India

Hyundai has been a frontrunner in electric vehicle technology. The latest Hyundai Casper EV spyshots throw light on realistic possibilities. Hyundai Exter small car is set to launch in India later in 2023. It’s highly likely that it will also have an EV variant shortly after.

Shifting gears to the Casper EV, it’s exciting to see that Hyundai Casper is likely to use a 40 kWh battery and a driving range of over 300 km. This is a significant improvement compared to previous compact EV models (Ray EV and Spark EV) that struggled with limited driving range, and high prices. With the petrol-powered Casper model priced below 20 million won (Rs 12.5 lakh), Casper EV is expected to be priced between the high 20 million won to mid-30 million won (Rs 18.8 lakh) range, making it a more affordable option.

Hyundai Casper EV Spied: The Ideal Choice for Korean Consumers Seeking Sustainability

The compact/micro EV would offer a value proposition as a highly attractive option for consumers looking for an affordable electric car. Furthermore, as per Korean subsidy parameters, it’s likely that Casper EV will be eligible for subsidies, making it an even more attractive option for potential buyers.

Although Casper EV spyshots are veiled in camouflage, there’s enough to glean info from. Daytime running lights and light design elements are familiar to its ICE counterpart. The side camo pocket indicates that it is a space for electric charging. Similar to the Kona EV, it’s likely that the Casper EV will have a charging port on one side.

Hyundai Casper EV charging port in the front
Hyundai Casper EV charging port in the front

Are You Ready for the Future with Electric Cars? Hyundai Exter EV Might Just Be It

It’s unlikely that the Casper EV will be twinning in design with the current model, so it’s exciting to speculate what the grille will look like. The wheels on the car were 17 inches, which suggests that they have not yet developed EV-specific wheels. Tail lights also appeared to be the same as the current Casper model. There were no visible exhaust pipes on the bottom, as expected for an EV model.

Why are we excited about the Casper EV? Because of Hyundai Exter, which in probability, is based on K1 platform. It’s the same as seen on Hyundai Casper sold abroad, and Nios i10 here. Hyundai Casper and Exter are small cars.

And small cars are more likely to switch to an electric powertrain sooner due to their lower power requirements and more efficient operation. Additionally, as the automotive industry continues to shift towards electric mobility, it would make sense for Hyundai to offer an EV variant of the Exter. This would bolster competition in a new segment in India.

Hyundai Casper EV spied
Hyundai Casper EV spied

The list of Best Electric Cars for Indian Urban Commuters is fast Expanding

It would be a smart move for Hyundai, as the Indian market has been showing increasing interest in electric vehicles. And as the government has set its own goals for electric car adoption by 2030, the EV push has begun.

If the Exter EV is anything like the Casper EV, we can expect it to have a similar driving range and competitive price point. A price competitive EV for Indian consumers looking for an affordable electric car. With its compact size and efficient operation, Exter EV could also be a popular choice for urban commuters looking for a practical daily mode of transportation. Much like the MG Comet EV ready to make its India debut this week.

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