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Hyundai Creta Owner Claims He Was Beaten Inside Dealer Showroom (Update)

After experiencing issues with his brand new Creta, the owner had posted video on social media

Hyundai Creta customer claims he was beaten inside the showroom
Hyundai Creta customer claims he was beaten inside the showroom

Owner of Creta, Ajit Singh has alleged that he was beaten inside Hyundai India authorized dealership – JMV Hyundai located on Sohna – Gurgaon Rd. A video posted on social media by Arun Panwar has gone viral. In a matter of few hours, the video has crossed 7 lakh views on Youtube and has garnered over 3,800 retweets on twitter.

Social media users are calling for Hyundai India to take action against the dealership. Hyundai India or the dealership has not posted any official statement yet. The matter has been reported to the local police station, and is being investigated.

Hyundai Creta Owner Beaten Inside Dealership

When asked, what was the reason he was beaten – Ajit Singh said that he had posted a video on youtube stating that his brand new Creta which was bought from the said dealership, had started to show problems. The owner also said that the dealership had helped in solving the issues with his Creta.

After solving issues with Ajit’s Creta, the Hyundai dealership asked the owner to remove the video. Ajit refused to do so, as he was of the opinion that it was his right to show the update on his new car to his followers.

After that, Ajit claims that more pressure was put on him by the dealership for the removal of the said video. Hyundai dealership filed a police complaint against Ajit. The video above shows how the entire incident unfolded. From purchasing the car two months ago to the latest incident.

When all this was going on, Ajit’s car started to give problems once again. So he contacted the dealership, who asked him to visit the service center with his car. Ajit went there and was asked to wait in the showroom.

From there, he posted an update on social media. The showroom was empty as it was lunch time. After this, he claims that about 10-15 people entered and surrounded him. They took his phone away, and started thrashing him.

They managed to call for help. Police arrived on the scene and took his photos at the dealership. Ajit was taken to police station and then to hospital as he was badly injured. Ajit claims that the entire incident is captured on CCTV of the said dealership and has requested Hyundai India to investigate the matter further.

Hyundai Creta owner dispute resolved
Hyundai Creta owner dispute resolved

Update – Hyundai India and the said dealer have taken action. As per the latest update from Creta owner, the matter has been resolved. The staff who attacked Hyundai customer at the dealership, have been fired from their jobs. The owner of the Hyundai dealership has apologised for the incident.

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