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Hyundai Creta, Venue SUV Price Increase Aug 2021 – New Vs Old Price List

Hyundai Creta Price Hike July 2021
Image – Tarun Tale

Hyundai India price revision for Venue and Creta SUVs announced

Car prices have been increasing at an alarming rate these days. There are people who believe car prices will continue to stay high in the future as well. The best thing you can do when it comes to this issue is to know the trends, and how they affect the bottom line.

Hyundai’s wide-ranging and ever-growing UV portfolio is now available with a revised price list. The newly launched Alcazar continues to be available at launch price, as there is no change in Alcazar prices as of now.

Through 2021, auto manufacturers have had to introduce multiple price hikes in order to balance price fluctuations incurred. Car manufacturers have been facing a number of challenges over the past few years. The cost of raw materials, labor, and transport have seen steady price hikes at the same time that buyers are seeking more value for their money in vehicle purchases.

Hyundai Creta Price Aug 2021

Hyundai Creta price hike is capped at 1.6 percent depending on variant. 1.5 MT E Creta petrol ex-sh rise is now set at just over 10 lakhs following a price hike of 16 grands. 1.5 MT Ex Creta petrol now retails for over 11 lakhs following a similar price hike.

Hyundai Creta Price Aug 2021
Hyundai Creta Price Aug 2021. Hat tip to Snehal Vhanmane.

The same is true for the MT S petrol variant. all other petrol Creta variants are now costlier by Rs 19,600. Creta diesel 1.5 MT E, MT EX, and MT S are costlier buy Rs 12,100. 1.5 MT SX Executive is costlier by 16 grands. All other diesel Creta variants are now costlier by Rs 15,600.

Hyundai Venue Price Aug 2021

Venue petrol E, S, S+, S(O)iMT, S(O) DCT, and SX MT is costlier by Rs 7,100. This means S(O) DCT, and SX MT are now listed at a retail price of just over Rs 10 lakhs. Venue petrol SX MT and SX iMT are listed at a price of Rs 10,07,000 lakhs following a price hike of 7 grands. SX (O) iMT and SX+ DCT are costlier by Rs 7,134, and now cost Rs 11,35,700, and Rs 11,68,200, respectively.

Venue diesel S(O) is costlier by Rs 7,100 at an ex sh price of Rs 9,52 lakhs. Venue diesel SX price is unchanged at Rs 9.99 lakhs.SX(O) Executive price has crossed the 11 lakh threshold following a price revision of Rs 7,099. SX(O) Venue diesel now cost Rs 11,67,500.

Hyundai Venue Price Aug 2021
Hyundai Venue Price Aug 2021

Detailing how car prices have gone up over the past couple of years leaves consumers to where they are now. Taking into consideration varied cost inputs brings us to why cars cost what they do nowadays. At the same time, one should know future price changes are inevitable.

Concurrently, oil prices have gone up considerably since the middle of 2008. While this has slowed down a bit at during certain periods, oil price hikes are hard for auto manufacturers to control. And in the coming years, this graph too will rise.

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