Watch Hyundai Elite i20 jam with Arijit Singh and Clinton Cerejo

Drawing attention to the Hyundai Elite i20 that embodies Hyundai India’s brand philosophy of ‘New Thinking New Possibilities’, the new Hyundai ‘Drive Mein Junoon’ music video celebrates the success of the Hyundai Elite i20 in the country.

A recipient of ‘Indian Car of the Year Award 2015’, the new i20 is among the best selling cars in India. Speaking about the new video, called Hyundai ‘Drive Mein Junoon’, the car is used to create different sounds.

Composed of 118 sounds derived from the Hyundai Elite i20, Hyundai ‘Drive Mein Junoon’ music video was recorded in a single day. Its sounds instantly connect with the youth in the country and come from the swish of wipers, the screech of the hand brake and turning off the indicator. The sounds are also borrowed from the seat belt warning system along with the opening and closing of doors and windows besides the revving of the engine.

Arijit Singh and Clinton Cerejo created this music exclusively by sounds of the Hyundai Elite i20 without the use of any other musical instrument and yet the end result has left everyone who hears it humming the song due to its catchy tune.

2016 Hyundai Elite i20 – Photos

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