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Hyundai EON is most searched car on Google in India

Hyundai EON has made quite a name for itself since launch. The small hatchback has been named most searched car by customers in India by Google. Hyundai’s compact offering has won rave reviews from auto publications and now it’s the internet community that seems to have taken a liking this compact hatch.

Nielsen on behalf of Google India conducted a research that revealed that majority of customers (over 53%) in the hatchback segment came up with searches related to Hyundai EON. The survey was carried in 8 major cities across leading car showrooms of popular brands. The study revealed that most buyers were attracted to pricing factor, fuel efficiency, interior layout and exteriors of Eon. India has a strong online presence with over 120 million internet users.

Research also revealed that Indian buyers spend at least 5 to 6 weeks on detailed research before making their decision in regard with a car purchase. Research also threw light on the fact that one in two consumers research online before visiting a dealership and more than 5 people change their decision after accessing information about a particular auto brand.

News release: Hyundai EON- the most searched car amongst car buyers in Google

Hyundai EON has been named as the most searched cars by customers in India. The automobile company has won many accolades and this one just adds to the list of moments that will be cherished. This piece of research was executed by A.C. Nielsen on behalf of Google India, which conducted surveys across car showrooms of leading brands in top eight metros. The research highlighted buyer’s online research and query pattern.

Hyundai EON is in the hatchback segment which received 53% queries over the net. With its un-interrupted flowing curves and strong character lines, the car very easily falls in the desirable category.

As per the study, India has more than 120 million internet users, the third largest online population after China and the US. On the basis of the volume of queries Hyundai EON was selected as the most searched car by buyers in India. It was also revealed that one in two car buyers have conducted prior online research before purchasing a vehicle and that more than five people change their choice of brand after researching their preference online. This research worked in the favor of many automobile companies and reinforced Hyundai’s stand in the automobile industry.


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