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Hyundai i20 ferrying strangers via ride sharing app fined by Bangalore Cops – Car confiscated

Private car owners, using ride sharing apps to pick-up passengers for monetary gain is against the law. It is against the purpose of registration and hence offenders are liable to be punished for breaking this rule.

RTO officials in Bangalore have seized a Hyundai i20 Elite and booked the driver for using the car pooling app. The car had a Telangala registration and was being used for car pooling with the owner plying customers from Bengaluru to Hyderabad for a sum of Rs 1,600. RTO officials, suspecting this malpractice, posed as customers. They booked 3 seats on the Hyundai i20 Elite through the ride sharing app and nabbed the unsuspecting driver as soon as he arrived at the predetermined destination to pick up the passengers.

The driver was questioned and the car seized while a case was registered at the local Bengaluru court. The driver has been fined Rs 2,000 and the car was released even as the driver feigned ignorance to the law. The fine was levied for use of the car against the purpose of registration. It was a private vehicle which was being used as a taxi to ferry passengers, thereby violating the law.

This is not the first time that such private vehicles have been nabbed for ferrying passengers for monetary gain. RTO officially had earlier nabbed two other car owners who were ferrying passengers to Chennai and Hassan.

File Photo. Ferrying passengers in your privately owned car is illegal.

The law states that cars have to be registered for the purpose of ferrying passengers while private vehicles cannot be used for commercial gain. Ride sharing apps like BlaBlaCar and QuickRide will face some constraints as owners of these cars will be vary of plying for commercial gain which could cause a significant dip in the user of these apps.

In the event of an accident, the passengers of such private cars will not be covered by insurance which is not the case in the cars specifically registered for car pooling purposes.

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