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Hyundai India to manufacture ventilators – Donates to PM Cares Fund

Hyundai Motor India has entered into an agreement with France’s Air Liquide Medical Systems for the manufacture and supply of ventilators to help in the fight against COVID-19

Air Liquide Medical Systems, based in Tamil Nadu, are manufactures and suppliers of respiratory devices to hospitals across the country. At this time of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the entire world and leaving much destruction and devastation in its wake, Hyundai Motor, through this alliance, aims to supply around 1000 ventilators manufactured by this company in the first phase and will scale up supply in due course.

Hyundai and Air Liquide Medical Systems will work together to ensure a steady supply of ventilators as a part of the company’s social responsibility and to support the Government of India during this period.

Ventilators are a critical device and are the need of the hour as it takes over the work of breathing in a condition when the patient can no longer breathe on their own. A high concentration of oxygen is delivered to the patient and comes into play in more advanced stages of COVID-19 pandemic.

How Ventilators Help Covid-19 Patients

The demand for ventilators is increasing as the spread of coronavirus encompasses the entire country. The two companies will be working together to supply at least 1000 ventilators in the first phase of production while plans are in place to scale up production capacity to meet the rising demand.

This is the latest endeavour of Hyundai Motors as earlier this month the company had also handed over Advanced Diagnostic Testing Kits for COVID-19 to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). These kits were worth Rs.4 crores and were imported from South Korea and can be used for testing more than 25,000 individuals.

Hyundai Motor India Foundation, the CSR arm of Hyundai Motor India, has also contributed Rs. 7 crores to PM Cares relief Fund, Rs.5 crores to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Relief Fund to assist in the battle against Covid-19. The company has also handed over imported COVID-19 advanced diagnostic test kits worth Rs.4 crores and distribution of PPEs and other safety equipment in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Haryana along with distribution of dry ration in Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread its reach across the world. Cases in India have reached the 17,000 mark and leave 559 persons dead as on date. The numbers are rising as we speak with Maharashtra and Delhi seeing the most number of cases. These numbers are considerably lower in India as global figures stand at 21.50 lakh coronavirus positive cases with death toll surpassing the 1.45 lakh mark.

This is due to the timely action taken by the Government of India in declaring a lock down with cluster containment strategy being adopted at the right time. Even the World Health Organization has praised India for the tough stand taken to control this deadly virus. Govt says that there have been no community transmissions of the virus since the lockdown was declared and growth factor has declined by 40 percent according to the Union Health Ministry.

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