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Hyundai India Santa Fe recall to replace Stop Lamp Switch (MY 2011)

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Motor India has issued a voluntarily recall to replace Santa Fe’s Stop Lamp Switch for the model year 2011. This is to protect cars against a potential malfunction, and there’s no cost consideration for customers. Hyundai India is voluntarily recalling 2437 Santa Fe SUV’s of the 2011 model year in India for the manufacturing period 26 June 2011 – 26 September 2013. Affected owners will be notified in a phased manner.

Hyundai Santa FeHyundai encourages owners of all affected Santa Fe vehicles to take them to authorized Hyundai Dealers. The stop lamp switch is located near the brake pedal mechanism, and is actuated when the brake pedal is depressed and released. It signals the vehicle’s engine control computer when brake pedal is depressed (allowing push-button start operation). It also operates the brake-transmission shift interlock to allow shifting out of “Park’ when brake pedal is pressed down.

Stop Lamp Switch is an input to the electronic stability control (ESC) system. It also lets you engage the cruise control system, and operates brake lights. Some stop lamp switch assemblies can experience intermittent switch point contact. Possible results vary depending on contact and variation in electrical current used in different applications. Brake function is not affected, only the switch. A malfunctioning stop lamp switch may cause the brake lights to not illuminate when braking. It may also lead to the inability to deactivate cruise control by depressing the brake pedal, which could increase crash risk. Disabling the brake-transmission shift interlock could result in a vehicle rollaway.

Last year, Hyundai and Kia announced recalls pertaining to the same issue. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a recall of more than 1.6 million models due to a faulty brake switch, in addition to almost 700,000 Hyundai and Kia models recalled for the same problem in 2009.


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