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Hyundai Intrado concept aerodynamically efficient exterior

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Korean automakers Hyundai have unveiled the new Hyundai Intrado Concept at Geneva Motor Show. In a futuristic design and inspired with designs from the aviation industry, the futuristic Intrado is powered by fuel cells and comes in with advanced technology and a new construction system.

Borrowing its name ‘Intrado’ from the underside of an aircraft wing that creates lift, the new Hyundai Intrado is fashioned out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and is designed by designers at Hyundai Design Centre Europe in association with engineers at HMC Namyang & Centre.

Hyundai_Intrado (2)It is also the first concept to utilize Hyundai’s Fluidic 2.0 design language also seen on board the 2015 Genesis. Interiors in a bright ‘Beaufort Orange’ are seen with extensive use of carbon fibre on its frameless doors, hood and trunk. It sports a 36 kWh lithium battery that powers an electric drive system while offering a 373 mile range due to hydrogen tanks positioned under the rear seats and on the trunk floor. Lightweight steel impact structures seen on board the new Intrado adds to better crash performance and repair times.

True to its name, the new Hyundai Intrado comes in with a pure design and intrinsic and artistic appeal with the efficiency of an aircraft.


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