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Hyundai Kona Electric Clocks 1,026 kms on Single Charge – New Record

The Kona electric was tested at Lausitzring circuit in Germany proving the company’s leadership in electric mobility

Hyundai Motors has tested the range of 3 Kona electric cars at the Lausitzring circuit in Germany. This was done so as to prove its leadership in electrified mobility. These Kona EVs used for the test were factory spec models and unmodified. The three Kona EVs were tested for three days at the circuit and each travelled 1,018.7 km, 1,024.1 km and 1,026 km on a single charge.

The test was conducted by German auto magazine Auto Bild and was monitored by Dekra – an European vehicle inspection company that has operated the Lausitzring racetrack since 2017. The drive teams were one from Auto Bild and two from Hyundai Motor Deutschland.

To claim this record, the air conditioning, and infotainment system were switched off while only the daytime running lights were on so as to comply with regulations prevalent in the country. The three Hyundai Kona EVs were fitted with standard low rolling resistance Nexen N Fera SU1 tyres of size 215/55R17. Watch the video below showing the record attempt run.

The 3 days of test, which included 36 drivers recording average speed of 30 km/h saw each distance represent a record as per capacity of the 64 kWh battery pack which powers the Kona EV. Power consumption figures of 6.28, 6.25 and 6.24 kWh per 100 km stood below the average of 14.7 kWh per 100 km as is determined by Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

Another outstanding feat is that the Kona EVs managed to cover a distance of 20 kms on 3 percent residual capacity and continued to drive over several hundred meters even with zero percent charge. The test has once again proved to Kona electric customers that they can traverse over long distances without any stress of recharge or range.

Hyundai Kona Electric in India

Hyundai Kona electric SUV is also on sale in India. Here too it has managed to impress its owners. Recently, Bangalore based owner of Kona electric gave his car for 1st year service. The cost for service including labour charges, taxes, etc – was just Rs 1,043.

Hyundai Kona getting charged at the PlugNgo electric car charging station in Delhi
Hyundai Kona getting charged at the PlugNgo electric car charging station in Delhi

Another owner, again from Bangalore, stated that he managed to do 385 kms run from Bangalore to Coimbatore in his Kona, on a single charge. The owner stated that full charge is achieved in about Rs 250, which implies that it cost him about 65 paise per km.

Hyundai’s new Ioniq brand

With Hyundai seeing success in its EV car tech, they have now announced the launch of an all electric sub brand called Ioniq. Under this new brand, Hyundai will launch three new EV models planned for launch over the next 4 years. Extensive plans also see the automaker aim to sell over 1 million units of battery electric vehicles globally. This will help the company to take a market share of 10 percent in EV segment, and go on to become a leader in the global electric vehicle segment by 2025.

The first Ioniq will be the Ioniq 5 midsized crossover SUV set for launch in 2021. It will be followed by the Ioniq 6 sedan in 2022 while in 2024 the Ioniq 7 large SUV will be launched. Each of these vehicles will be built on a global modular platform which Hyundai calls the E-GMP.

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