Hyundai Genesis creates largest tyre track image, sends message to space (Video)

Hyundai Motors ‘A Message to Space’ campaign allows Stephanie, a 13 year old girl from Texas, to connect with her father, who is an astronaut and away from home for long periods of time.

Hyundai Genesis largest tyre track image

This novel way of getting in touch with her father to show that she loved him was possible with the use of 11 Hyundai Genesis cars, that wrote a message covering an area more than one and half times that of New York City’s Central Park.

The giant lettering which was large enough to be read from space covered 5.55 sq kms in the Nevada desert and has been recognized as the Largest Tyre Track Image by Guinness World Records. The message which read ‘Steph Loves You’ proved challenging and required immense precision and optimum engine performance besides accurate driving skills.

Hyundai Message To Space

The 11 Genesis models were the ideal cars to undertake this task and were in perfect synchronization while performing this feat. The entire operation proved successful as the message from his daughter was captured by the astronaut from the International Space Station.

Hyundai Message To Space

Hyundai Motors’ campaign highlights the brand philosophy, leaving no stone unturned to demonstrate its eagerness in caring for its customers. The company is also helping others connect with friends and family by creating similar virtual images that can be shared online or via official website. Watch the video below.