Hyundai Motor headquarters in Seoul launches full service global media website

Hyundai Motor Company, headquartered at Seoul have announced the launch of their first full service web site. Customers and owners of Hyundai vehicles can now log onto for a full coverage of all company news, photos, videos and other information about the company. Through the website, customers will also be able to have direct contact with global media covering Hyundai activities, products and services.

An extensive video and photo library will give Hyundai enthusiasts in-depth knowledge of all Hyundai vehicles which will also give information of model year and other statistics related to the model. FAQs about the company and their products and new innovations can also be asked and answered through this interactive website. The site will also have e mail ids of media relations team members across the globe and photos and videos of all Hyundai activities, events and launches including a minute by minute account of latest news bulletin of happenings in and around Hyundai Motor Company.

Hyundai Motor Company has grown from strength to strength since it was established in 1967. The company has six manufacturing units besides Korea and spans US, China, India, Russia, Turkey and the Czech Republic. During the past year the company sold 4.06 million vehicles across the globe.

News release: Hyundai Motor Global Headquarters
Launches First Full-Service Media Web Site

– Site provides news releases, photos, videos from around the world
– Features Hyundai Motor Blog, Twitter feed @hmcglobalpr
– Address:

Hyundai Motor Co. global headquarters in Seoul today launched its first full-service media Web site,, designed to provide news and information and engage in conversation with the global media covering Hyundai.

The site will distribute Hyundai Motor news from headquarters and Hyundai affiliates around the world, creating a one-stop-shop for media members – and anyone else – interested in Hyundai.

Media members can easily find and email media contacts at headquarters and major subsidiaries around the world. A downloadable video and photo library showcases Hyundai vehicles, which are searchable by model year.

“The new Hyundai Global P.R. media center will be an invaluable tool for media members covering Hyundai,” said Seung-Tack Kim, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Hyundai Motor. “The clean and intuitive design of the media center is easy to use and will help elevate the Hyundai brand to Modern Premium status.”

Features of the site include:

News from Hyundai headquarters and the company’s operations all over the world, all in one place. The sign-up function to receive news alerts is under the headline, “For Media Only” on the left side of the main page.
Photos and video of Hyundai cars, facilities and events.
Answers to some of Hyundai’s most frequently asked questions, such as, “What is Fluidic Sculpture?” (Check out to find the answer.)
Email contact information for media relations team members in Hyundai’s biggest markets around the world.
An overview of Hyundai’s global operations, handy facts and figures and quick links to our investor relations and corporate social responsibility sites.
Up-to-the-minute Hyundai news, available by following the Twitter feed, @hmcglobalpr.
The Hyundai Motor Blog, regularly updated by the Global P.R. team and guest bloggers from other Hyundai teams.

“We’re terrifically excited to launch our new media site,” said Frank Ahrens, Director of Hyundai’s Global P.R. team. “I’m most excited about the Hyundai Motor Blog, where I’ll do deep-dive reporting into the innovative and fascinating parts of our business. Strap in; this is going to be a great ride.”