Hyundai Motor India Limited register 5.9% sales increase: 608 Hyundai Elantra units sold in first month

Hyundai Motor India Limited domestic sales during the month of August 2012 increased by 5.9%. The company saw sales to the tune of 28,257 vehicles as compared to 26,677 units sold in the month of August 2011. Citing reasons for this, Mr. Rakesh Srivastava, Vice President – National sales commented that the markets in India were showing more preference to diesel vehicles following recent increases in petrol prices. This is what has contributed to increased demands for their diesel powered vehicles even though auto markets were still struggling under increased interest rates, inflation and high fuel prices. The recently launched Hyundai Neo Elantra has also contributed to increased sales specially in premium segments.

Taking Hyundai vehicles into account, models like Eon, Santro, i10 and i20 were more in demand with sales reaching 40,049 during the month of August. Models such as the Accent and Verna accounted for sales of 6,145 units while 608 units of Elantra, 65 units of Santa Fe and 19 units of Sonata were sold during the month.

Exports of Hyundai Motors however were down 23.4% during the month of August 2012. Exports stood at 18,629 units as compared to 24,335 units in the month of August 2011. Taking cumulative figures into account, the total stood at 46,886 units in August 2012 as compared to 51,012 units in August 2011 that is an 8% decrease in sales.

India auto news release: Hyundai domestic sales up by 5.9%         

Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL), the country’s second largest car manufacturer and the largest passenger car exporter, registered around 5.9% growth in domestic sales for the month of August 2012. The domestic sales accounted for 28257 units compared to 26677 units for the same month last year.

Commenting on the sales, Mr Rakesh Srivastava, Vice President, National Sales, HMIL said, “The market continued to be sluggish but Hyundai domestic sales have grown due to increased preference of diesel vehicles and niche consumer focused promotions. The launch of neo Elantra also enhanced and strengthened the sales performance in premium segment. However, the overall market demand is suppressed  due to general inflationary trend, high fuel prices and interest rates. Unless any major triggers get activated, market sentiment is not expected to improve very much.”

HMIL Sales August 2011 August 2012 Growth%
Domestic 26677 28257 5.9%
Exports 24335 18629 -23.4
Cumulative 51012 46886 -8%

The segment-wise cumulative sales for August 2012 are: A2 segment 40049 units (Eon, Santro, i10, i20); A3 Segment 6145 units (Accent and Verna); A4 Segment 608 (Elantra) ; A5 segment 19 units (Sonata); SUV 65 units (Santa Fe).