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Fiat India, Hyundai Motor (HMIL) and JD Power website whir

Hyundai Motors India Limited (HMIL) has announced the official opening of their new integrated website. This site will offer an entire gamut of information on products and services of HMIL besides is projected to be user friendly and in an easy-to-use format.

This corporate website designed to augment the company relationship with customers and offer them detailed information on the company. The home page portrays the entire range of products in various categories. The newly launched website is seen with enhanced features over the older site making it more exciting and user friendly. New tools and features have been pumped into the site to assist customers in making the right decision before purchasing any of the HMIL products.

The site has been segregated into three categories – Showroom, Shopping and Service with customers being steered in the right direction without waste of time. Interaction with other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest is also available while the website offers other useful tools such as Build your own, Payment estimator and Compare cars.

Nalin Kapoor Senior General Manager and Group Head, Marketing, HMIL had this to say, “The new website offers several notable enhancements and wide selection of services over the previous site. Our objective is to make the new website more engaging and user-friendly. We have developed a set of new tools and features to help customers make informed decisions about our products and offerings. Through Modern Premium brand imagery we aim to provide new innovations, experiences and values beyond customer’s expectations.”

The new J.D. Power India website and consumer ratings centre works in tandem with the Indian automotive segment, and works both for consumers and automakers for an insight into specific details. Power Circle Ratings lists automotive brands ranking performance from J.D. Power Asia Pacific studies to aid in product and purchase decisions. Evaluation ratings are compiled from those who own a vehicle that’s being assessed or have had it serviced making it consumer specific, and are not an opinion or preference of J.D. Power Asia Pacific or its analysts.

Mohit Arora, executive director at J.D. Power Asia Pacific had this to say, “As the conduit of the Voice of the Customer, J.D. Power is grateful for the feedback from millions of consumers who participate each year in our surveys.”  “We are pleased to offer the ratings in return, which empower them as well as other consumers in their vehicle purchase decision-making process.”

Automakers can gain from consumer insights and study findings so as to compare their performance. Arora added, “Over the years, J.D. Power has been transmitting Voice of the Customer insights to automakers to facilitate improvements in vehicle quality and service standards.”  “Valuable insights about consumer expectations and preferences are essential for the automotive industry to keep abreast with changes in consumer behavior and to better meet their expectations.” “To stay ahead of competition, automotive manufacturers must make consistent efforts in improving on all stages of the vehicle life cycle, from product planning to customer loyalty and retention.” “Being attuned to the Voice of the Customer may well position automakers to achieve a larger share of sales.”

FIAT India have a revamped Interwoven 7.3 platform website as well that brings to the forefront the brand’s global technology and aesthetics commitment. FIAT Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd (FGAIPL) has added new features to improve heir digital presence, and footprint, and showcases vehicles in an updated manner. The company since last year has reestablished itself as an independent sales, marketing and distribution company once their  JV with Tata Motors was ditched on major fronts. The digital improvement will better brand presence as Fiat has a number of new vehicle launches planned for the Indian auto industry, ensuring that the diesel tech they offer would garner much interest. There’s a FIAT Nation community page that will allow fans to connect through a series of commercials, videos, photographs, and event and development updates. Test drives at dealerships can be scheduled too.

Enrico Atanasio, Managing Director, Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd, had this to say, “FIAT Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd views India as a very strategic market and the website is a first in a series of initiatives that would reiterate FIAT Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd’s increasing focus on the Indian automobile market. The website is consistent with the design and the visual appeal of FIAT Group’s global websites and enables viewers to navigate smoothly through the engaging and informative website in much easier way.”




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