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Hyundai Motors lease zero-emissions hydrogen-powered ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to Municipality of Copenhagen


Hyundai Motor Company, the South Korean auto manufacturers headquartered in Seoul, South Korea will lease 15 zero emission hydrogen fuel cell ix35 vehicles to the Municipality of Copenhagen. 15 such vehicles will make its way into the country by spring of 2013 and will go a long way in making Copenhagen push forth in their endeavor to become carbon free by 2025.

Hyundai is well versed in the fuel cell technology and eco friendly cars. Their ix35 Fuel Cell is a zero emission vehicle and is powered by hydrogen which is converted into electricity that runs the engine. All that the car emits is water and hence this vehicle will be a suitable option for Copenhagen which they plan on using as fleet cars in their bid to reduce carbon emissions and surge ahead in their endeavors for not only a cleaner and healthier atmosphere but a total climate change in the coming few years..

ix35 is familiar with the needs of people of Copenhagen. Two test cars have already logged 45000 kms on Danish roads recently. It is not only suitable as a family vehicle but also as a fleet vehicle offering comfortable seating to upto five passengers. It has a top speed of 160 kmph and fully competent when compared with its petrol counterpart.


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