Upcoming Hyundai MPV to be based on Grand i10 / Xcent?

Folks at IndianCarsBikes.in have envisioned Hyundai’s upcoming MPV in 2016, and it serves as a pretty possible proposition. They have based the South Korean automaker’s MPV on Grand i10 / Xcent, meaning, the rendering gives somewhat clear idea of how an MPV can be derived from the affordable small car platform.

Hyundai-MPV-rendering based on Grand i10 Xcent 01 frontRecently, Theophilus Chin released a Crossover Wagon rendering based on Elite i20, which is believed to come to reality as i20 CW, much like i30 CW and i40 CW. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Grand i10 is also transformed into an MPV, as that’s the other growing trend these days apart from sticking plastic to lower body of hatchbacks and calling them SUVs / Crossovers (Oh yea, Hyundai is doing that too, in the name of i20 Cross).

Hyundai-MPV-rendering based on Grand i10 Xcent 02 sideNow that we have established that the South Korean automaker is keeping in pace with trend, following the footsteps of Datsun and Skoda in creating low price MPVs from hatchbacks may already be in their cards. Such a move should create a compelling MPV for India, as Grand i10 / Xcent is already appreciated for build quality, roominess and value-for-money quotient. So what about the Hexa Space Concept?

Rendering – IndianCarsBikes.in